Who Is Briana DeJesus Dating? Has She Found Her Love On The ‘Teen Mom’ Show?

This time, it’s the uncrowned queen of disputes. On July 19, 2022, Briana DeJesus, the star of Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom 2, made things with her new lover Bobby Scott on the Instagram official.

Fans and members of the Teen Mom 2 cast and crew both had passionate responses to the announcement right away. Why? Bobby used to serve as a security guard for the program. Why are Briana’s cast members upset about her connection with Bobby? Find out by reading on.

Who Is Briana DeJesus?

Briana DeJesus was born in Orlando, Florida, on May 21, 1994. She joined the Teen Mom 2 cast in 2017, and on June 5 of that same year, she formally became a member of the MTV family. She was formerly a cast member of Teen Mom 3, however, that spin-off was discontinued, and several of its cast members were transferred to other programs.

The 27-year-old reality star is the mother of two girls, Nova Star DeJesus and Stella Star Hernandez, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin. Ten is the oldest, and four is the youngest.

After she became pregnant, her relationship with Devoin didn’t endure very long. On July 2, 2017, she informed US Weekly that he was still present and that they were working things out together. The only thing we know about her relationship with Luis is that he is eight years her senior.

She had a brief engagement with tattoo artist Javi Gonzales, but she disclosed to a media outlet that she had been single and celibate for the previous eight months and that she would look into dating again after a year. She shared her breakup with Gonzales through Instagram in August 2021, writing as follows:

Had a wonderful year with him, but I’ve got other plans now. We may run into each other again in the future. He’s a fantastic guy, and I adore him. I have tasks to complete and objectives to reach. I don’t think it’s right to make someone go along with me while I do those things. Also, read about Billie Eilish

The celebrity is hardly a newcomer to reality television. She previously made an appearance on other reality programs. She gave birth to Nova a couple of years ago while making an appearance on 16 and Pregnant and a celebrity therapy show.

Who Is Bobby Scott?

Bobby Scott reportedly used to work at MTV as a security guard. He is reportedly quite a few years older than Briana, 28, according to Hollywood Life. It appears that Bobby is 42 years old. The Teen Mom star seems to benefit from this.

I’m talking to E! According to Briana, this was her first committed connection with a grown guy rather than a young boy. Find out more about the relationship between Briana Dejesus and Bobby here. Briana can be seen here putting her hand on Bobby’s head in the photo.

Who Is Briana DeJesus Dating?

On October 18, Briana DeJesus, 28, revealed her secret boyfriend on Teen Mom: Next Chapter. The reality actress apparently dated Bobby Scott, a former MTV security officer, but kept their relationship a secret until they decided to begin recording their relationship.

The episode’s trailer, which can be seen below, demonstrates that Briana was considerably more anxious than her new love when they announced their relationship to the world.
As they first met, Briana and Bobby quickly began dating, and after producers learned of the relationship, the security team as a whole was sacked, according to The Ashley.

Bobby Scott And Briana DeJesus

In July, a source told the site that “producers, staff personnel, and even some of the cast members are upset” over the circumstance. “So many wonderful people lost their jobs as a result of Briana and Bobby, and those folks didn’t do anything wrong. Also, read about Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

Some of them have worked there since the beginning. It’s extremely unprofessional and sad. They are now displaying their relationship as if nothing ever occurred.

More background information about how Briana and Bobby’s relationship began and developed was provided by a source, who also revealed that Bobby once served as the security guard for the photo shoots of Briana’s fellow Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout.

According to the insider, Bobby used to provide security for Catelynn and Maci’s shoots, but he first met Briana when she visited San Diego to shoot Teen Mom Family Reunion last year. “That’s when they first started dating, although nobody else was aware of it at the time. Since then, they have spoken, but it has been quiet.

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