Who Is Candy Based On: Is There Any Real Candy Who Became An Ax-wielding Murderer From A Housewife?

Who Is Candy Based On: Full episodes of the new drama series Candy, which first aired on Hulu in the United States, are now available to stream in the United Kingdom on Disney Plus.

In the lead role, Jessica Biel of The Sinner was supposed to replace Elisabeth Moss of The Handmaid’s Tale, however, Moss had to step out due to schedule difficulties.

The drama portrays a disturbing story of a 1980s housewife who lived her life by the book, but whose entire life altered on one tragic day.

But is Candy on Disney Plus based on a genuine story? Keep reading to learn the essentials.

Who Is Candy Based On

Candy is based on a true story. In the 1970s, Candy Montgomery, a Texas housewife, met Betty Gore at church. Both women and their families became close, with their daughters often enjoying sleepovers. Candy then allegedly had an affair with Allen, Betty’s husband.

Allen discontinued the affair after Betty had a child in 1979. He attended a church marriage strengthening class with Betty and tried to rebuild their relationship.

On June 13, 1980, Candy reportedly offered to take Betty’s daughter to a swimming lesson after she remained at her residence.

Candy picked up Alisa’s swimsuit at Betty’s residence, but Betty allegedly confronted her about her romance with Allen.

We don’t know what happened afterward. We only know that Betty was axed 41 times and died.

Candy was the last person to see Betty before her body was found. Allen confessed their affair to the police, leading to her arrest and Betty’s murder charge.

Don Crowder, Candy’s church lawyer, hired Dr. Fred Fason, a psychiatrist, and clinical hypnotist, to help her remember the night.

Candy’s adult wrath was explained by childhood trauma, Fason stated. Betty was accused of telling Candy to “shush” during a fight. She suddenly remembered her mother shushing her.

Betty took an axe to attack Candy, who grabbed it back in self-defense and struck Betty. The jury acquitted Candy of Betty’s murder.

She has not been seen since her acquittal, and her whereabouts and fate are unknown.

Did Candy Go To Jail

On October 30, 1980, a jury determined that Candy Montgomery was not responsible for the death of Betty Gore. She claimed self-defense, claiming that she had to kill Betty to protect herself.

While changing into her prison uniform, it was discovered that she had been severely beaten during her initial arrest, resulting in numerous bruises and a cut toe. Her attorneys didn’t try to cover up the fact that she killed Betty; instead, they claimed self-defense.

A hypnotist psychiatrist named Dr. Fred Fason was consulted by her lawyer. According to Fason, during hypnosis sessions with Candy, she recalled vivid details of the day Betty died as well as childhood trauma.

Betty reportedly instructed her to “shhhhh” during an argument, which triggered Candy’s fury. Candy claims that this terrible memory of her mother shushing her arose after she was shushed by Betty. She was already irritated with Betty since she had to quiet her when she went to pick up Alisa’s swimsuit, and then Betty confronted Candy about the romance with Allan.

She claimed that Betty attacked her during the altercation, cutting her toe with an axe. After a brief struggle, Candy took hold of the axe and eventually used it to put an end to the conflict. She yanked Betty away from her and slashed her across the back of the head with the blade.

She claimed she had to resort to self-defense since she had been physically and axe-attacked by Betty. Her acquittal from murder charges took the jury three hours to reach.

For What Motive Did Candy Kill Betty

Quickly after the murder, suspicion fell on Candy. After Allan confessed to having an affair with her in the past, she was immediately suspected of Betty’s death. She testified that she acted in self-defense, an assertion she later retracted.

Candy, who was babysitting the Gores’ oldest daughter, had been by Betty’s house to do some quick errands. There, she says, Betty questioned her about her relationship with Allan.

Who Is Candy Based OnSource: Newsweek

She also said she tried to make amends with Betty by apologizing and telling her the incident was long resolved, but Betty became upset and tried to assault her with an axe.

Candy took the axe away from Betty after a struggle and used it to attack her. Furious, she swung the axe at Betty at least 41 times. She took a shower at the Gore residence to remove the blood. She then left the house, leaving Gore’s infant daughter crying in her cot as she attended a church event.

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