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Who Is Cher Dating? Everything About Alexander Edwards

Who Is Cher Dating

Who Is Cher Dating

The music industry boss made news this week after he was spotted hand-in-hand with Cher outside a Los Angeles nightclub on November 2. The two were dressed identically in black. In this article, we will talk about Who Is Cher Dating.

The music legend was criticized in the days that followed because of the huge age difference (40 years). But Cher being Cher, she fired back on Twitter with a string of posts that seemed to suggest she didn’t care about the age gap.

The “Believe” singer uploaded a snapshot of Edwards with the caption “Alexander,” confirming their relationship as part of a series of tweets. She reacted to a Twitter user who questioned whether he was her “new man” with a heart emoji and told yet another user, “Love doesn’t know math.”

On The Kelly Clarkson Show on December 2, 2022, Cher discussed her beau once again. The singer commented that their relationship “on paper, it’s kind of absurd.” “On the other hand, we get along splendidly in everyday life. In a word, he’s amazing. And I don’t attribute positive traits to men who don’t earn them.”

Edwards is not new to either fame or the music industry dating scene. During their three-year romance together, Amber Rose seemingly accused him of cheating on her with at least 12 different individuals before they broke up in August 2021.

Everything you need to know about Edwards, from his family to his musical influences, is right here.

Cher, 76, has spoken out in defense of her relationship with Alexander Edwards, 36.

Alexander Edwards Works At UMG As An Executive

Edwards is an executive of Universal Music Group, one of the three largest record companies with Sony Music and Warner Music Group, where he works. The label has Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande among its stable artists.

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Alexander And His Ex-girlfriend Amber Rose Have A Child Together

On October 2019, Edwards and Amber Rose became parents. Slash Electric Alexander Edwards was an extremely melodic name, and the couple (who divorced in 2021 due to several affairs) made sure of that.

Edwards captioned an Instagram image, “Slash a rockstar,” before he erased it.

Alexander Met Cher During Fashion Week

Edwards and Cher finally crossed paths for the first time in September during Paris Fashion Week. The Grammy winner posed for photos with AE’s pal Tyga, but they weren’t taken together.

Afterward, the three of them were photographed out and about. Cher and Edwards were photographed together in early November outside the Los Angeles hotspot Craig’s and The Nice Guy.

Alexander “AE” Edwards and Amber Rose Have a Son Named “Slash” Edwards, Alexander

Alexander Is 40 Years Younger Than Cher

Edwards is 36, and Cher is 76, but that’s not a big deal to the Grammy-winning singer. Cher stated in a tweet that has since been removed but was saved by The Shade Room, “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES .”

Source: RadarOnline

Cher has dated younger men before, such as Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, and Rob Camilletti in the 1980s.

Cher admitted to PEOPLE in 2021, “The fact was if I hadn’t gone out with younger men, I would have never had a date.” “There was no fear of older ladies among the younger males. Nonetheless, the males my age and older were not amused.”

Alexander Helped Cher Cope With The Loss Of Her Mother

Cher’s mother passed away in December 2022 at the age of 96. Subsequently, a music industry insider told PEOPLE that Cher’s bond with Edwards “had helped lessen the agony of the loss.”

The “lovely and gorgeous gift” that Edwards got the “Strong Enough” singer for Christmas was an engagement ring, according to the source.

“The ring was the perfect present to help her through this difficult moment,” added a second reliable source.

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