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Who Is Chris Brown Dating: Chris Brown Has Three Children From Which 3 Different Women?

Who Is Chris Brown Dating

Who Is Chris Brown Dating

Chris Brown has been associated with several women throughout the years, including Karrueche Tran and Ammika Harris of the entertainment industry. But, Who Is Chris Brown Dating?

Ever since he first became famous more than a decade ago, the singer’s romantic relationships and his subsequent fatherhood have been frequent news topics.

Who is Chris Brown currently seeing? Can you tell if he’s dating somebody or if he’s single by looking at him?

Who Is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown, a famous R&B singer from the United States, is worth $50 million. Chris Brown has been a successful recording artist since he made his debut in 2005, releasing a total of nine studio albums, several of which have achieved multi-platinum sales.

Chris Brown began his career as a moral, church-going young musician. He was a self-taught singer and dancer who also sang in the church choir. He joined Jive Records when he was only 15 years old, in 2004, and in 2005, his self-titled debut album was published.

Two platinum certifications were awarded for its success. The follow-up to his breakthrough debut, “Instant Classic,” “Exclusive” spawned several number-one hits. There have been many more albums since his breakthrough two, and while they haven’t nearly done as well commercially, they’ve all done fine.

His personal life has not been a triumph for Mr. Brown. Like many young celebrities, he appears to struggle with self-control. After he assaulted his now ex-girlfriend Rihanna in February 2009, it was crystal evident that he was not suitable for her.

Who Is Chris Brown Dating?

According to Distractify, the “Go Crazy” singer has three children from three different women. In 2014, he and model Nia Guzman welcomed their first child together. Royalty, their daughter, was conceived during a relationship Brown had with another woman.

They were together for a short time, yet they still have public arguments every once in a while.

Aeko Brown was born in 2019; she is Brown’s second kid. The mother of the child, model Ammika Harris, is an old flame of the R&B artist. They appear to have a good co-parenting relationship in the eyes of their son. But earlier this year, when Brown’s third kid was born, she voiced her disapproval on social media.

Brown’s second daughter is Lovely, his third kid. A baby girl was born to model Diamond Brown in April. When Diamond announced the birth of her daughter Lovely, she oddly left out any reference to Lovely’s famous paternity.

Since then, they have confirmed the paternity of the child but have kept mum about their relationship status. Some of the “Forever” singer’s exes may have overlapped with this couple, which could explain the phenomenon.

Chris Brown Dating History

Diamond Brown

Diamond Brown, a model, and social media personality, has been called “Chris Brown’s third baby mama.” Word on the street has it that they’ve had baby number three on Friday (Jan 7).

On Instagram, Diamond posted the first image of her newborn son, who weighed 6 pounds and 9 ounces at birth, with the caption:

“The royal lady has arrived. Symphony Brown, you are very lovely After only one day in the world, my precious daughter, you have shown me what it is to truly live. I will always love you and guard you against harm. Daddy’s girl and mommy’s baby forever “.

Rumors of Chris Brown and Instagram model Diamond Brown expecting their third child appeared in late 2021.

In September of that year, Diamond made an Instagram pregnancy announcement without naming the father of her unborn kid.

Chris and Diamond’s relationship was first suspected when they were observed in public together and Chris liked some of Diamond’s Instagram photos.

As of this writing, neither Chris nor Diamond have addressed the rumors.

Ammika Harris

Chris Brown and model Ammika Harris were originally romantically linked in 2015 and were pictured together again in Paris this year (2019).

Ammika was said to be pregnant with Breezy’s child, but the couple had kept their relationship reasonably under wraps.

Source: Hollywood Life

Aeko Catori was born to them in November of this year. Chris and Ammika don’t appear to be dating at the moment, but they are clearly very close friends because they are raising Aeko as a blended family.

Gina V. Huynh

Around October of 2020, rumors began to circulate that Chris was seeing model Gina V. Huynh, who had previously dated Diddy.

Even though they were seen together in London on Breezy’s first visit to the UK since his ban in 2009, it appears the two broke up soon after.


When filming Chris’s 2019 music video for “Type A Way,” he reportedly met model Indyamarie, and the two hit it off.

Although details of their rumored relationship are sketchy at best, it is widely believed that Chris’s pregnancy with Ammika Harris put an end to their relationship.

Agnez Mo

Chris Brown was rumored to be dating Indonesian singer Agnez Mo after images of the two of them cuddling up in the studio leaked.

Love rumors circulated rapidly at the time of their July 2018 collaborative album’s release, but have since died down.

Vanessa Vargas

At the beginning of 2017, Chris Brown dated the model Vanessa Vargas. Taking to Instagram to announce his new flame, Breezy included a steamy snap of the model in her underwear.

Chris reacted to one of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s posts, wishing her mother a happy birthday, and it seemed as though relations between them cooled off after that.

Nia Guzman

While dating Karrueche Tran, news of Chris Brown’s pregnancy with model Nia Guzman broke.

Brown and Tran quickly divorced after discovering his infidelity, and Nia gave birth to their daughter Royalty in May 2014.

Although they were never married, they seem to be able to co-parent their kid well.

Draya Michele

Chris Brown dated model Draya Michele for a brief while in 2011 before moving on to Karrueche Tran.

Many of their followers didn’t realize that Draya and Karrueche were actually pals. But Draya assured everyone that she and Brown were only friends and that she had the utmost respect for Karrueche.

Karrueche Tran

Chris’s relationship with model and actress Karrueche Tran began in 2011 and lasted for several years.

There was a brief break in their relationship when Brown reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but they quickly got back together after that relationship fizzled out.

Karrueche announced her breakup with Brown on Twitter in March 2015 when news of his pregnancy with Nia Guzman broke.

After filing allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Brown in 2017, Tran was given a temporary restraining order against him. In the fall of that year, a judge issued an injunction barring her from having any contact with Brown for the next five years.


Chris’ relationship with Rihanna, arguably his most famous, lasted from 2007 to their highly publicized domestic violence case in 2009.

The rapper made this claim in his 2017 documentary Welcome to My Life, saying that he had planned to marry Rihanna before the fight.

The pair reconciled in 2012 and even worked on a song together, but they eventually broke up again.

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