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Who Is Chris Martin Dating: Chris Martin And Dakota Johnson Relationship Timeline

Who Is Chris Martin Dating

Who Is Chris Martin Dating

Do you want to know Who Is Chris Martin Dating? For nearly five years, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin have kept their relationship private.

Martin started seeing Johnson in 2017 after “deliberately uncoupling” from Gwyneth Paltrow in 2014 and divorcing in 2016.

Since then, the pair has maintained a private relationship filled with cozy dates, beach walks, and family holidays with Martin and Paltrow’s children.

They’ve shown us some of their life together despite their silence. Martin publicly dedicated “Universe” to his partner at a Coldplay concert in October 2021. “She’s here,” he said.

Johnson briefly discussed her relationship with Martin in December 2021. “It’s lovely to be home and snug and private,” she told Elle.

The couple hasn’t addressed engagement rumors.

From a modest sushi date to their comfortable Malibu life, here’s everything about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s romance.

October 2017: Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Date In L.A

In October 2017, Johnson and Martin were seen on a romantic sushi date in Los Angeles.

Source: People

“Cozy, laughing, and affectionate,” a source claimed. The pair’s reps didn’t comment on the sighting.

January 2018: Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Date More

In early 2018, the duo went on numerous quiet L.A. dates.

They had Friday night supper at Soho House in Malibu in January. “Chris drove Dakota. They enjoyed a night with pals, “Eyewitnesses told PEOPLE. “They were happy. They flirted and exited the restaurant.”

Later that month, Martin and Johnson walked the beach together. “Most of the weekend together in Malibu,” one person said.

The duo debuted in Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2018 Collection. According to PEOPLE, the pair selected a private entrance over a red carpet debut.

Though camera shy, they showed affection at the event. “They walked in holding hands and Dakota was not letting go—she was extremely into the PDA,” a witness added. “When Chris released her hand, she put her arm through his.”

In January, Johnson’s father, Don Johnson, appeared to confirm the connection allegations to Digital Spy. “That’s… worrisome, right? No, she’s large enough! “he said.

May 2018: Dakota Johnson’s Mother Discusses Chris Martin

Melanie Griffith, Johnson’s mother, spoke about her daughter’s connection shortly after her father did.

“Love him!” Griffith remarked at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar’s Global Gift Foundation USA Women’s Empowerment Luncheon. For her daughter’s privacy, she spoke briefly. “I respect her privacy,” she said.

September 2018: Dakota Johnson Appears To Confirm Chris Martin’s Relationship

Johnson confirmed her relationship with Martin in a 2018 Tatler interview after almost a year of speculation.

“I’m quite delighted,” she told E! News.

February 2020: Coldplay Music Video With Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin

Johnson directed Martin and Coldplay’s “Cry Cry Cry” music video in February 2020.

Johnson told Marie Claire that her relationship didn’t affect her treatment. “Like every other director, I developed the story and submitted it to the band, and they chose mine—not because they’re partial to me,” she said.

December 2020: Dakota Johnson Rumors Chris Martin Engagement

In December 2020, images of Johnson wearing a huge emerald ring on her left hand sparked rumors that she and Martin were engaged. Johnson and Martin’s representatives were silent.

January 2021: Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Move Into A Malibu Mansion

Johnson and Martin shared a Malibu home in early 2021. After their move, a source told PEOPLE that Johnson “seemed like more of a city gal” at the beginning of their relationship but was enjoying Malibu.

“She enjoys it as much as Chris,” the person claimed. “They love walking on the beach. They support local restaurants.”

October 2021: Chris Martin Dedicates Coldplay Song To Dakota Johnson

Martin gave his lover a heartfelt shout-out during a 2021 Coldplay concert in London.

“This is about my universe, and she’s here,” Martin said in a fan-filmed introduction to “My Universe.” Johnson dances in the balcony’s first row.

November 2021: Dakota Johnson’s Father Discusses Her Relationship With Chris Martin

By November 2021, Don Johnson seemed to love his daughter’s partner, Martin.

On Good Day New York, he said, “God. I only consider the next seven or eight seconds.”

“But listen, if she’s happy, I’ll be happy because he’s a beautiful guy,” he continued. “If she marries, I expect grandchildren soon. That’d excite me.”

January 2022: Chris Martin Crashes Dakota Johnson’s Zoom Event

Martin briefly crashed a Sundance Film Festival Zoom event in January 2022, revealing more about their connection.

Johnson spoke with interviewer Charlie Sextro, costar Vanessa Burghardt, and director and writer Cooper Raiff on Zoom for Cha Cha Real Smooth. As Johnson sought to connect, Sextro paused.

Johnson’s video afterward showed her laughing with Martin, who had evidently helped his girlfriend with her technological issues. Martin exited after flashing a peace sign.

October 16, 2022: Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Stroll Malibu

Johnson and Martin were seen barefoot on a Malibu beach, holding hands. The actress wore a white sweater and grey sweatpants, while Martin wore a grey T-shirt and blue track pants.

November 2022: Coldplay Concert In Argentina, Dakota Johnson Dances

At a Coldplay event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, fans saw Johnson supporting Martin in color-block pants and a tank top. On TikTok, she dances and waves to the crowd.

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