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Who Is Darius Jackson? All About Keke Palmer Boyfriend

Darius Jackson

Darius Jackson

Couple Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson are expecting a child. The 29-year-old actress shared the joyous news that she is expecting her first child on the Dec. 3 episode of Saturday Night Live that she hosted.

Palmer announced the pregnancy and gender of her unborn son on The Tonight Show in January 2023.

Even though they’ve only been seen together at a handful of public events since they were originally linked in 2021, the couple has maintained a very low profile “I’ve never felt this content in a relationship before. So why would I go to great lengths to conceal this individual? That’s a whole lot more effort than simply existing in my life.”

Find out everything there is to know about Jackson, from his personal history with Palmer to his professional accomplishments, right here.

Darius Jackson Brother Is Insecure Actor Sarunas Jackson

Sarunas J. Jackson, Jackson’s sibling, also shares Palmer’s acting career. He is famous for his roles as Isaac Hall on Good Trouble and Alejandro ‘Dro’ Pea on Insecure, where she previously appeared as a guest star.

Darius Jackson Been Dating Keke Palmer Since 2021

It is said that Issa Rae and Diddy’s Memorial Day bash in May of 2021 was where the two first met. In August of that year, Jackson celebrated Palmer’s birthday by making it “Instagram official” with a tribute.

Never would have guessed summer 2021 would go the way it did, but here we are, he said in a now-deleted post. I’m happy that we were able to help each other out in our darkest hours and prove to each other that we bring our absolute best to the table.

Darius Jackson And Keke Palmer Are Private About Their Relationship

“I don’t really do romance stuff online, mostly because I don’t know how I would do it without sounding, like, cheesy or anything,” she said to the media. “Yes, I’m being honest with you; nevertheless, there are some things I keep private for my loved ones.”

Source: People

Palmer discussed her choice to go public with her connection with Jackson in a November 2021 interview on The Tamron Hall Show. She noted that “it became harder to hide,” when she decided to share images of herself with Jackson online.

Since I am so close to him and we spend so much time together, I decided I couldn’t keep a secret that made me happy any longer.

Palmer continued, “It’s not going to be everything you see, my job is my job, but at the end of the day this is somebody that is important to me so why not.”

Darius Jackson Is A Fitness Instructor

Jackson is a fitness trainer at the Inspire Fitness Studio. If you believe the health club’s website, “Since he thrives in collaborative settings, helping others achieve their fitness goals is a major draw for him as a teacher, along with the satisfaction of helping himself. It’s also the place where he can be completely himself.”

Darius Jackson Played Football In College

Jackson, according to his Inspire Fitness Studio description, played various sports as a kid and received a football scholarship to Fresno State.

The website claims that he was “inspired” by his upbringing in the sports industry to pursue a career in sports media and earn a certificate in broadcasting.

Darius Jackson And Keke Palmer Are Expecting A Baby

Palmer made the news public when presenting Saturday Night Live on December 3, 2022.

It’s been said in my comments that “Keke is having a kid, Keke is pregnant,” and I’d like to put the record right and announce that I actually am pregnant. On the Studio 8H stage, Palmer exclaimed as she unbuttoned her long jacket and exposed her expanding baby bulge.

Jackson later posted a romantic photo of the Nope star from their dinner outing to his Instagram Story alongside the remark, “2023,” to celebrate the news.

Palmer and Jackson’s tropical babymoon was documented in an Instagram post on January 3, 2023. She shared photos of herself smiling and holding her baby bump, as well as another photo of the happy couple in front of a jet.

Actress Olivia Wilde wrote in the post that she’s trying to take it easy while pregnant. “When I’m not doing something, I get restless. Even when I’m on vacation, I like to stick to a routine. So that I always have a seasonal project to work on, I’ve learned to at least plan ahead carefully “The authorship rests with her.

Palmer made a very understated announcement about the baby’s gender on The Tonight Show later that month.

She speculated that her unborn child could be either a Pisces or an Aries. “Since Pisces are known to be introspective and sentimental, I want to be careful not to offend my son by being too honest with him. Wading into the unknown is exactly what I need to do when interacting with a Pisces; I tend to be a bit too forthright at times. Don’t freak out, youngster.”

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