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Who Is Dylan O’Brien Dating? Are Rumors About Dylan Dating Selena Gomez True?

Who Is Dylan O'Brien Dating

Who Is Dylan O'Brien Dating

Who Is Dylan O’Brien Dating? The possibility exists that Selena Gomez and Dylan O’Brien have both found someone to spend the rest of their lives with, which is a piece of information that will make fangirls everywhere both happy and sad at the same time.

At the beginning of December, the information was spread via everyone’s favorite gossip account, Deux Moi. With a source claiming that they had seen the couple bowling together in Brooklyn, the date was confirmed.

Sharing the news on Instagram stories, the user also wrote “maybe he didn’t ghost her after all,” implying that this may not be the first time the musician known as Good for you and the actor who plays Teen Wolf had communicated with one another.

And despite the fact that Deux Moi is not ever considered to be the most reliable source, the account was able to successfully expose Em Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson’s budding affair… Therefore, you can never tell!

Who Is Dylan O’Brien?

A successful musician and actor in the United States, Dylan O’Brien has a net worth of $7 million. Dylan O’Brien grew up in both New Jersey and California after being born in New York City. His father, Patrick B.

O’Brien was a camera operator for many years, and his mother, Lisa Rhodes, was an actor and acting teacher. He went to Syracuse University with the intent of earning a degree in sports broadcasting so that he may one day work for the Mets.

At the tender age of fourteen, he launched his own channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. His YouTube channel gradually gained traction, eventually landing him a guest spot on a web sitcom. After that, he met with an agent who offered to help.

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Who Is Dylan O’Brien Dating?

The passage of time is the only thing that can tell us for sure if the most recent piece of the rumor Dylan O’Brien dating Selena Gomez is based on fact; yet, the couple’s potential pairing is not completely out of the left field.

In an interview from 2010, Dylan O’Brien claimed that he had a secret crush on Selena Gomez.

During his time on Teen Wolf, he once confessed in an interview that he loved Selena Gomez more than a lot of other things. “I adore Selena Gomez more than a lot of things,” he said.

Years later, he acknowledged that he hadn’t quite been able to get over the fact that he had publicly declared his love for a former cast member of Disney Channel.

He disclosed this information to J-14, saying, “I kind of have no freedom now [on] changing my celebrity crush at all.”

“Because I said this exactly four years ago, and I believe that it will continue to accompany me until the day that I die. I think it’s time for me to stop naming celebrity crushes because their names have a way of following me around.

The only other time it appears that Dylan and Selena have communicated with one another is in the year 2020, when Dylan tagged Selena in a #MaskUp tweet along with Michelle Obama and other celebrities – this is love at its purest!

Who Has Dylan O’Brien Dated In The Past?

Britt Robertson

Fans may know Dylan and Britt from A Dog’s Purpose alongside KJ Apa, but they didn’t actually meet until they were filming 2012’s The First Time. Almost immediately afterward, they began dating, and they rapidly became an ideal couple.

Us Weekly revealed their breakup in December 2018 after she was spotted with actor Graham Rogers after they had been together for over six years.

Grace Moretz

Dylan and Chlo were spotted on several scorching outings in August of 2018, sparking dating speculations.

An insider told Us Weekly at the time, “Chlo and Dylan have always had a close relationship.” They didn’t want to call attention to themselves, so they didn’t show up together. However, they did have a great time together last night, and they were quite flirty and touchy-feely without engaging in any overt displays of PDA. There she was, partying the night away with three of her closest girlfriends.

The actor had been referring to the blonde beauty as his celebrity obsession seven years prior to this. Nonetheless, it appears to have petered out after that as that was the last their purported supporters heard from the two.

Sarah Ramos

Many of Sarah and Dylan’s followers became suspicious of a romantic relationship after they teamed up to replicate a steamy scene from the film The Social Network. However, in 2020, she wed her longtime boyfriend, Matt Spicer.

Chlo Bennet

There were reports that Dylan was dating the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starlet in June of that year.

They were photographed by TMZ on what looked like a lunch date in Los Angeles. Neither of them, though, has addressed the speculation head-on.

Sabrina Carpenter

Fans claimed to have observed Dylan and Sabrina making out in New York City in September 2022.

Source: TheThings

They haven’t addressed the dating rumors yet.

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