Who Is Emma Watson Dating: Her Current And Past Relationships

Who Is Emma Watson Dating: Emma Watson, who is best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, has subsequently gone on to star in a variety of other movies. The actress has a reputation for keeping her personal life, including her dating life, discreet.

Here we will try to guess if she is in love with someone currently.

Who Is Emma Watson Dating

Emma Watson has talked openly about her special bond with Tom Felton, her Harry Potter co-star.

Fans will be aware that Tom, who played Draco Malfoy in the wizarding film series, and Emma, who played Hermione Granger, have a close friendship that spans more than two decades and has been dogged by romance rumors for the majority of that time.

The two have consistently maintained that they were never romantically connected, despite years of rumors that they had at one point or another. Now, they have both spoken out about the nature of their relationship.

In the preface to Tom’s new biography, Beyond the Wand: The Magic & Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, Emma discusses their uncommon and unique connection.

The 32-year-old refers to Tom, 35, as a “soulmate” and states that they “love each other in a special manner” in the book’s brief preface.

Like Tom, she admits that it can be difficult to describe the nature of our connection and relationship with others. We’ve had a special kind of affection for each other for more than twenty years now.

Who Is Emma Watson Dating

It’s one of the purest forms of love I can imagine. We have always supported one another since we are soulmates. We always will, I am certain. My emotions are stirred just thinking about it.

“To be seen and loved like that is one of the great gifts of my life,” the actress continues, “is to be followed by.”

In a later chapter of his biography, Tom thinks about his and Emma’s intense love for one another and acknowledges that he had a “hidden love” for her, though perhaps not in the sense that others might want to hear.

That’s not to suggest that there hasn’t ever been a spark between us, Tom clarified. There has been, but only at certain points throughout time. There were many rumors that our relationship was deeper than we were letting on. I denied liking her in that sense, but the reality was otherwise.

“At the time, my girlfriend realized right away that there was an underlying tension between us. I can still hear myself saying, “I love her like a sister.” However, it went beyond that.

I don’t believe I ever had a romantic relationship with Emma, but I did appreciate and adore her in a way that I could never adequately describe to others. We shared similar values. I am confident that both Emma and I will always have each other’s backs.

Emma Watson Dating History

At the beginning of 2008, Francis Boulle and Emma Watson were briefly linked, but he allegedly broke things off because he wouldn’t be recognized as “the boyfriend of some child starlet.”

According to Us Weekly, he claimed at the time, “I have always been an ambitious guy and I want to gain my own recognition for what I’ve done.”

Jay Barrymore

Emma was associated with British investor Jay Barrymore in August of 2008.

He is seven years her senior, and they reportedly broke up seven months into their relationship.

When the couple split up, Barrymore was in England while Emma was attending Brown University, according to sources at the time.

Roberto Cebrián

In November 2009, Emma and Rafael were seen together at a New York Rangers game.

A few months later, in May 2010, she reportedly split up with the Spanish musician.

Charles Craig

George Craig, the lead singer of the English band One Night Only, and Emma first met in 2010 while filming for a Burberry advertisement.

In July of the same year, she appeared in the music video for the song Say You Don’t Want It by his band.

Nick Simmons

In August 2011, it was reported that Emma and Johnny Simmons were seen kissing after collaborating on The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

At the time, a source told Us Weekly that “[they] were holding and hugging each other for a while and playfully kissing.”

They reportedly broke up in November of the same year.

Adamowicz Will

In April 2012, Emma and Will Adamowicz were seen kissing during the Coachella Music Festival.

Together, they attended Brown University and Oxford before splitting up later the following summer.

Matthew Janney

Emma and Matthew Janney were seen traveling together in the Caribbean in January 2014.

The split was “horrendous,” Emma said in an interview with British Vogue.

After one year together, they apparently decided to part ways.

Ronald Aguire

While Roberto Aguire was working as an intern on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the summer of 2015, he briefly dated Emma Watson.

They apparently made the decision to remain friends and separated that same year in September.

William “Mack” Knight,

After they were seen together in October 2015 at a Broadway performance of Hamilton, Emma and Knight were linked for over two years.

They apparently parted ways in 2017 at some time.

Chord Overstreet

Chord Overstreet and Emma were allegedly dating in March 2018. Despite their brief romance, a source at the time told Us Weekly that it was “a major and wonderful development for him.”

Emma has Chord’s attention, the source claimed.

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