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Who is Erin Carter? Ending Explained: Who Takes their own Life in the End?

Who is Erin Carter Ending Explained

Many Netflix users will have no issue finishing the newest thriller in just a few nights, or even in one late night, thanks to the compact length of its seven episodes.

Who is this Erin Carter person, anyway? depicts the unraveling of a new life for a teacher named Erin when her troubled history comes back to haunt her in spectacular fashion.

In the lead part is Swedish actor Evin Ahmad, who is joined by a number of well-known actors such as Douglas Henshall (Shetland), Denise Gough (Andor), and Jamie Bamber (Beyond Paradise). But who makes it through this convoluted series unscathed? Here’s the lowdown on the Who is Erin Carter? conclusion.

Who is Erin Carter? Ending Explained

In the series finale of Who is Erin Carter?, Erin is badly damaged and desperately tries to get home before Lena tells Jordi and Harper the truth. When she arrives, she’s startled to see that nothing has changed, because she had no idea that Daniel’s goons had already taken Lena.

Erin’s wounds aren’t too serious, so she tells Jordi to take Harper away from the situation before they get worse. While Daniel is as astonished as Lena to hear that Erin was a police plant, Lena has identified him as the financier of the failed Harwich heist that cost her everything.

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Erin is dosing herself with adrenaline in preparation for the battle that will begin as soon as Daniel’s ruthless enforcers break into her home. Fights break out between the two sides before they happen upon Penelope, an adversary of a different stripe but one with proven cunning. Here, though, she appears more gentle than normal.

The reason for this is revealed to be that she intends to divorce her husband. Meanwhile, Lena follows Harper to Olivia’s house, but before they can reconcile, Daniel’s men kidnap her distant daughter and her unknowing guardian, Jordi.

She finally turns to Erin for support when she has nowhere else to turn, and the two have a candid conversation about their mutual admiration for Harper. They come to the conclusion that working together is their best option.

It’s a tragic ending, unfortunately. They succeed in saving Harper and Jordi, but Lena gives her life for the cause, dying heroically if nothing else. Meanwhile, Erin and Daniel get into a heated argument that culminates with Erin shooting Daniel in the head.

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In the final scene, Jordi, Erin, and Harper have made up and are spending time at the beach, where Harper and Erin are penning letters to their absent mothers. At the precise moment that her life is coming together, she runs into DI Jim Armstrong at a beach bar. Armstrong informs her that she must return to the perilous undercover task she had been avoiding.

What he really means is, “I’ve always found use for trouble,” and he tells her that. Are you calling from Season 2? Keep your eyes peeled. Ultimately, Jordi reveals that Erin Carter is “someone who would risk everything for their family,” thus answering the series’s titular question.

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