Who Is George Russell Based On: When And What To Expect From The Gilded Age Season 2?

The Gilded Age, HBO’s latest period drama, brilliantly blends reality and fantasy to introduce us to scandalous personalities and famous historical figures. Many characters, like the Astors and Stanford White, are based on real people. Who Is George Russell Based On?

George (Morgan Spector) and Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) are the patriarch and matriarch of the new money family that moves into the lovely mansion across from Central Park and the Van Rhijn estate.

Agnes Van Rhijn (Christine Baranski) follows old money rules and shuts out new money. Russells endanger that. Let’s dig deep to find out more about Who Is George Russell Based On?

Who Is George Russell Based On?

Real Robber Baron Jay Gould Inspired George Russell Gould. Despite the strong, rich Astor family’s disdain, Jay Gould, the Gilded Age’s actual story inspiration, was a vicious robber baron and loyal family man. George Russell and his real-life counterpart share these traits.

While keeping an eye on the Russells, Mrs. Astor tells her daughter Carrie (Amy Forsyth) that they are not yet accepted into high society, echoing her real-life feelings regarding Jay Gould. Since the imaginary Mrs. Astor was intrigued but underwhelmed by George’s deeds at the charity bazaar, it looks that the Russell family will struggle to join New York City’s upper society.

After Jay Gould died, Mrs. Astor accepted his children, as Fellowes writes in the show’s first Official Podcast episode. Allowing kin after death is intriguing.

In The Gilded Age episode 1, new money Larry Russell (Harry Richardson) tells old money Marian Brook (Louisa Jacobson), “Let the three of us be friends, in spite of everything.” George and Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) may never be recognized by their old-money peers, but The Gilded Age seems to be establishing a truce between the younger generation.

The Gilded Age season 1 conclusion shows George and Bertha convincing the old money elite to attend their daughter Gladys’ (Taissa Farmiga) debutante ball, implying that Mrs. Astor is letting Bertha into New York high society for now.

Downton Abbey, situated in early 20th-century England, established Fellowes as a great period drama storyteller. The Gilded Age has some storytelling freedom despite being based on true history.

The Gilded Age season 1 conclusion shows that the old money crowd may be willing to play ball with George and Bertha instead of only their children, unlike Jay Gould. But, Is The couple based on a real couple? keep reading to know more.

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“The Gilded Age” Characters George And Bertha Russell May Have Been Modeled On A Genuine Couple

Morgan Spector compares George to Jay Gould in a Gilded Age trailer. Jay Gould was another Gilded Age robber baron like George. Jay also has a family. Morgan’s portrayal of George, who prioritizes family, is fascinating. He’s a caring husband and father who supports his family, but in business, he’s cold and emotionless.

Jay also wanted his family to join New York’s upper society, but Mrs. Astor wouldn’t let him until he died. George is also based on Jay Gould, according to Gilded Age creator Julian Fellowes.

Morgan says, “Newspapers slandered Gould. He personified the era’s disparities. He has incredible power and crushes susceptible individuals like ants. George sometimes unleashes inhumane rage.”

We’ve seen that side of George, and as a fictional character, he could go much further. People have so many doubts regarding the first season of The Gilded Age, when can viewers expect The Gilded age season 2?

When And What To Expect From The Gilded Age Season 2?

While George Russell’s Gilded Age character is modeled on Jay Gould, George and his family may fare better than the Goulds in season 2, while their entrance into high society may be difficult. However, filming for the second season has begun, and the cast images show George and Bertha smiling, perhaps due to the season 1 conclusion.

Who Is George Russell Based OnSource: Distractify

The Gilded Age’s cast includes several Broadway stars, making it hard to predict who will return. However, the series stars Morgan Spector, Carrie Coon, Louisa Jacobson, Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, and Denee Benton will return.

In season 2, George and Bertha’s high society membership and Mr. Raikes (Thomas Cocquerel), and Marian’s elopement will be revealed. Fellowes may also feature more late 19th-century genuine stories and persons.

The Gilded Age’s true narrative elements make it such a gripping historical drama, but Fellowes may move away from important events in Jay Gould’s life while altering George Russell’s family’s destiny to make the story less predictable for viewers.

Gilded Age 2 will film until October 2022. The second season is expected to premiere in the summer or spring of 2023.

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