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Who Is Hannah Baker Based On? Are The Hannah Baker Tapes Real?

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On

Despite its immense success, the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why was terminated in 2020. All four seasons showed how challenging it is to function inside the confines of a high school and how tough it is to recover from trauma. In this article, we will read about Who Is Hannah Baker Based On?

Some viewers of the Netflix series have speculated about the real-life inspiration for the main character Hannah Baker and the events shown in 13 Reasons Why.

Some research revealed multiple sources of creativity for the novel and its protagonist. This is all the information we have at the moment.

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On?

Actually, there is no such person as Hannah Baker. The television series 13 Reasons Why is based on a novel by Jay Asher of the same name, which was released in 2007. Hannah from the book served as inspiration for the TV show’s version of Hannah.

She is a first-year high school student who is doing her best. But when she takes her own life, she leaves a series of tapes to explain why.

However, Hannah was modeled after a genuine person. Jay has implied that Hannah’s story is based on a relative of a similar age who tried suicide, though he has not specified who this person is. A lot of the things that struck him are things he’s discussed.

Marquette Wire reports that he also interviewed women in his life, including his wife and friends, about their thoughts and feelings during their high school years.

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Is ’13 Reasons Why’ Based On A True Story?

The film 13 Reasons Why may or may not be based on a book of the same name. Instead, the author was inspired by the many emotions and perspectives of the women around him after a relative attempted suicide, and he used these insights to create the environment in which Hannah lives in the novel.

Jay went to Edina High School in Edina, Minnesota, in 2016 and told the students there that his trip to Las Vegas was the basis for Hannah’s videos. The Egyptian tomb he explored was accompanied by audio recordings of the various rooms.

At the conclusion of the trip, he had the idea to write a book with cassette tape sides as chapter headings.

Jay, who dislikes reading depressing books, was another source of motivation. In spite of the terrible subject matter, he managed to keep readers interested through the use of techniques like pacing and tension.

He told students at Edina High, “To this day, I honestly don’t like reading sad books, and the book was definitely going to be unhappy.” I wrote it with the intention that even someone who normally avoids sad literature would find themselves unable to put it down.

Are The Hannah Baker Tapes Real?

The tapes can’t be real if Hannah Baker isn’t, and vice versa. Multiple samples from the cassettes have been posted to the TikTok website, but it seems likely that the whole thing was made up by a fan. Unfortunately, the page’s creator remains unknown.

Source: Netflix

Jay’s inspiration for the videos came to him during a trip to a Las Vegas casino. While taking a tour of an exhibition dedicated to the life and times of Egypt’s King Tutankhamun, Jay got the idea to include tapes while listening to the exhibition’s recorded audio guide.

I want to write a book set up like this where instead of chapters, you have sides of cassette tapes,” Jay remarked during a 2016 visit to Edina High School.

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