Who Is Heidi Powell? All The Deets On Late Dave Hollis Girlfriend

The death of author and podcast presenter Dave Hollis was announced to the world with a heavy heart. He is survived by his four kids and his girlfriend, Heidi Powell.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a family representative, Dave Hollis, a former executive at Disney, passed away on Saturday, February 11, at his home in Austin. The circumstances surrounding the death are currently unknown.

Dave was involved in several noteworthy Disney endeavors during his tenure there, including the revival of the Star Wars franchise and the release of multiple Marvel films.

Author and podcast host’s surviving partner is his 2020s-era sweetheart, Heidi Powell.

Who Is Heidi Powell?

Heidi Powell, who is 40 years old, is a fitness trainer, personal coach, and media personality. On March 28th, 1982, she entered this world in Flagstaff, Arizona.

She and her ex-husband Chris Powell became famous after launching the web platform Transform with Chris and Heidi, as she wrote about on her own blog.

As a result of the popularity of the site, she was invited to appear on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show, and she even became a regular on the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss.

A personal development course series, taught “using her inside-out technique developed over the last two decades of experience,” was added to Heidi’s repertoire when she started a blog about the topic.

Heidi has also contributed to print; her co-authored book Choose More, Lose More, for Life was a New York Times bestseller.

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Heidi And Dave Met In 2020

Dave and Heidi first connected in 2020 when he invited Heidi to appear on his podcast. Both of them were going through divorces from their husbands at the time.

Dave wrote on Instagram that their initial meeting was “a bit of a mess” and that she “listened and shared and normalized the experience and feelings I was going through.”

Soon after, Dave worked up the nerve to ask Heidi out to dinner by text and phone.

Dave elaborated in the article, saying, “It was that early period where you don’t know what you are or what you’re doing.”

I hadn’t been on a date in 20 years, and when she walked in, I wasn’t even sure if this counted as one. So, for the better part of three hours, we sat here on this couch and spoke.

Dave Hollis And Heidi Powell’s Relationship Timeline

Heidi PowellSource: TODAY

Hollis allegedly started dating Powell in September 2020, when he made the announcement on social media. Dave’s first wife, Rachel, had recently left him, and he was going through a tough time. Heidi’s books and podcasts helped him get through it.

Separation and parenting as a single parent were topics he and Heidi discussed on his podcast, which he invited Heidi to appear on later. According to a caption Hollis posted on a photo of himself and Powell skiing together on social media, the two hit it off at their first meeting and talked for four hours before realizing they had a lot in common.

YouTube video

In 2011, Disney hired Dave Hollis. During his time at the helm, the studio released a number of successful films, including the billion-dollar-plus earner Black Panther. David left the firm in 2018.

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Heidi Powell Was Married To Chris Powell

Heidi Powell’s ex-husband was extreme weight loss host and fellow fitness expert Chris Powell.

After nearly a decade of marriage, the couple issued a joint statement in May of 2020 announcing their intention to divorce. Cash, their son, and Ruby, their daughter, are their offspring.

Heidi’s ex-spouse gave birth to two kids; they’re now adults and go by the names Marley and Matix.

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