Who Is Hustle Based On: Is The Netflix’s Basketball Series Based On A True Story?

Uncut Gems is not quite as tight as this, so you can relax. There is no doubting Adam Sandler’s tremendous recognition; nonetheless, his acting skills are frequently disregarded by the general public. Let’s dig deep into Who Is Hustle Based On?

His adaptability is remarkable, especially when one considers the roles he’s played in recent years that go against type. These performances include those in the critically acclaimed film The Meyerowitz Stories and the Safdie film that was noted earlier.

What is it that ties these movies together? Other than the fact that it features the Sandman, of course.

They’ve both found comfortable homes on Netflix, and his most recent film is one of the titles that can be streamed instantaneously.

Although Adam plays Stanley Sugerman in Jeremiah Zagar’s Hustle, the question remains as to whether or not the movie is based on a real event. Let’s dig deep into Who Is Hustle Based On?

Who Is Hustle Based On?

So, Who Is Hustle Based On? Even though there are literally thousands of sports cameos spread throughout the movie, Hustle isn’t true, the story of Stanley Sugarman and Bo Cruz is all made up.

The fact that the film’s director, Jeremiah Zagar, and its writer, Will Fetters, are both from Philadelphia is one of the many factors that contribute to the film’s genuine and genuine-feeling atmosphere.

Sandler said of Zagar’s vision for the film on the red carpet that “He wanted to make it as Philly as possible.”

This included using current 76ers player Tobias Harris and the team’s head coach Doc Rivers in the film, and filming throughout some of the city’s most famous neighborhoods like South Philly, Center City, and the Italian Market. Many of the film’s scenes were also shot inside the Wells Fargo Center, the arena where the real 76ers play.

Sandler, whose passion for basketball is well-documented, clearly attempted to make a genuine film as possible, and while the tale may not be based on fact, a significant number of the details throughout the film certainly are.

The movie Hustle is presently available to stream on Netflix.

Who Stars In The Hustle Cast?

Check out the main characters and their assigned parts down below:

  • Adam Sandler as Stanley Sugerman
  • Queen Latifah as Teresa Sugerman
  • Ben Foster as Vince Merrick
  • Robert Duvall as Rex Merrick
  • Juancho Hernangómez as Bo Cruz
  • Silas Graham as young Bo Cruz
  • Jordan Hull as Alex Sugerman
  • Heidi Gardner as Kat Merrick
  • María Botto as Paola Cruz
  • Ainhoa Pillet as Lucia Cruz
  • Anthony Edwards as Kermit Wilts, a player, and rival to Bo.
  • Kenny Smith as Leon Rich

Kermit Wilts, played by Anthony Edwards, is a rival of Bo’s on the field.
Playing Leon Rich is Kenny Smith.

Just What Would We Get In A Hustle Sequel?

It’s no surprise that the basketball expertise in Hustle was praised, given that it was directed by Jeremiah Zagar and produced by none other than LeBron James (the story itself is completely fictional).

Zagar recently stated in an interview, “if we were to produce a Hustle 2, it would be about him,” referring to Anthony Edwards’s performance as the film’s antagonist Kermit Wilts.

“If Kermit is just a villain, he’s uninteresting. But if he’s an anti-hero, which is how I see him, if he’s more like Michael Jordan than some kind of two-dimensional figure, he’s more intriguing. Because Anthony brought it.

Who Is Hustle Based OnSource: LA Times

We can’t be sure of anything just yet because Netflix hasn’t ordered a sequel, but with the picture being touted as an Oscar frontrunner, everyone is waiting with bated breath.

Could These Actors Be Joining the Cast of “Hustle 2?”
Although Sandler is 55 years old at this point, he delivered one of his best dramatic performances and could return for a sequel.

The novel technique of utilizing active NBA stars is likely to continue. Zagar has told CinemaBlend that he has his eye on Serbian League champion and Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanovi as a possible star for a sequel.

Based on the original cast, we’d love to see these actors return:

As Stanley Sugerman, Adam Sandler
Kinglsey Latifah as Dr. Teresa Sugerman
Starring Ben Foster as Vince Merrick
Jose Juancho Hernández as Bo Cruz
As Kermit the Frog, Anthony Edwards

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