Who is Javier Loya? Houston Texans Minority Owner Faces Serious Criminal Charges

Javier Loya, a minority owner of the Houston Texans since 2002, is currently facing serious charges of rape and sexual abuse in Kentucky. While the exact date of the alleged incident remains unknown, an arrest warrant was issued against him in May.

Texans and the Current Situation

According to NBC Sports, the Houston Texans are aware of the legal issues involving Javier Loya. The team released a statement indicating that Loya would be stepping away from all team and league activities while the charges are pending.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Furthermore, the NFL has barred him from participating in any league-related matters for the time being. Loya is also no longer part of any league committees.

Background and Past Investigations

This isn’t the first time Javier Loya has faced an investigation. Back in 2008, he was looked into for gambling-related matters, which were connected to an employee at his energy company. However, nothing significant came from that investigation, and he was allowed to continue his involvement with the Texans.

Charges Faced by Javier Loya

Loya is currently facing a range of charges, including rape, five counts of first-degree sexual abuse, and third-degree sexual abuse.

Javier Loya’s Ownership of the Texans

Javier Loya is a minority owner of the Houston Texans, which means he owns less than 50% of the team. The exact percentage of his ownership hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s clear that he holds a minority stake. His involvement with the Texans began in 2002 when he became one of the initial investors in the franchise.

Source of Wealth and Background

Javier Loya’s wealth primarily comes from his co-founding of Choice! Energy LP in 1994, an energy brokerage firm focusing on natural gas. He later purchased the company in 2000. Apart from his business ventures, his ownership stake in the Texans has also contributed to his net worth, which is estimated to be around $5 million.

It remains to be seen how these serious charges will impact Loya’s ownership and involvement with the Texans moving forward.

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