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Who Is Jeff Bezos Girlfriend? Why Did Lauren Sánchez Brother Sue Jeff Bezos?

Who Is Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Who Is Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

After Bezos announced his divorce from his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie, in 2019, he and news anchor Lauren Sánchez went public with their romance. Let’s dig deep into who is Jeff Bezos Girlfriend?

As she was going through her divorce from Hollywood power agent and husband of 13 years, Patrick Whitesell, the former co-host of Good Day LA made headlines.

A word from the insider: In the months preceding the divorce, Sánchez and Bezos spent increasingly more time together.

Since the news emerged, the pair have become closer than ever, taking multiple vacations as a family, taking a stand on climate change, and showing lots of public displays of affection.

Together, they put extra emphasis on charitable deeds. A source told PEOPLE that the couple’s enthusiasm is palpable and audible when they meet with partners working on issues such as climate change, education, and homelessness.

It appears that Sánchez has the same passion for space exploration as Bezos. She announced her intention to travel to space in 2023 during a CNN interview in November 2022. She revealed that she will be joining an all-female crew instead of taking off with Bezos.

And who exactly is Jeff Bezos’ lady friend? Find out all about Lauren Sánchez and her connection to the Amazon founder right here. I guess we should have a peek at who Jeff Bezos is dating.

Who Is Lauren Sánchez?

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend name is Lauren Sánchez. When she first entered the workforce, Lauren Sanchez worked as a receptionist for the Los Angeles television station KCOP-TV.

The 52-year-old eventually became a newsreader for Phoenix stations KTVK-TV and Extra.

She began her career at Fox Sports Net, where she was nominated for several Emmys, before moving on to various news and talk shows such as KTTV and The View.

Sanchez started hosting So You Think You Can Dance on Fox in 2005 and was a co-host on Good Day LA from 2011 until 2017.

She has guest starred in numerous critically acclaimed movies, including blockbusters like The Dark Knight, Fight Club, and The Day After Tomorrow.

Sanchez has continued to make guest appearances on Fox programs like Good Day LA and Extra.

She owns her own aerial filming firm, Black Ops Aviation, which she launched in 2016, and is an experienced helicopter pilot.

She has since shifted her attention to TV and movie roles that make use of her background as a pilot. Knowing who Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend is, naturally, raises the question of how the two first connected.

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When Did Jeff Bezos Start Dating Lauren Sánchez?

It is speculated that Lauren and Jeff Bezos have been dating since January 2018.

When a photo of the two of them eating together went viral in April 2018, speculation immediately ensued.

On January 10th, 2019, it was reported that while married to MacKenzie Scott, billionaire Jeff Bezos had an affair with Sanchez.

In a now-famous blog post published in February 2019, Bezos claimed that the National Enquirer had blackmailed him.

Source: Mint

It is also said that Bezos believed images of him and Sanchez would soon be made public when he announced his divorce from his wife MacKenzie.

Bezos “outed” them in February 2019 after receiving “blackmail” from the National Enquirer.

Since Bezos’ divorce was finalized in April 2019, they have been publicly dating.

Since becoming public in 2019, the couple has been seen together at high-profile events including Wimbledon’s center court and aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of St. Barths in the French Caribbean.

It has been alleged that in December of 2019, Bezos threw Sanchez a lavish 50th birthday bash, complete with a private dinner and a party attended by celebrities including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Timothée Chalamet.

A few days before his July 20, 2021, Blue Origin space flight, Sanchez and Bezos were observed dining at Nobu in Los Angeles. Now, let’s take a quick look at what led up to Lauren’s brother suing Bezos.

Lauren Sánchez Brother Sued Bezos

Court filings reveal that Sánchez’s brother, talent manager Michael Sánchez, sued Bezos and a consultant of his for claiming to the press that he had leaked “graphic, nude images” of Bezos. Sánchez has remained mum about her personal life.

Sánchez and Bezos’s relationship was exposed in an article published by The National Enquirer, prompting these allegations.

Michael Sánchez stated that he only worked with the Enquirer to control the narrative for his sister, not to release salacious images and that he felt “alienated from his family and professional colleagues” as a result of Bezos’ comments.

Sánchez, though, insists that her elder sibling was in the wrong. “He betrayed me deeply and irreparably by giving the National Enquirer access to my private life. My family is heartbroken by this latest frivolous action, and we pray that my brother is able to find some measure of peace despite this “by way of her attorney she made the following statement.

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