Who Is Jennifer Hudson Dating: Is She In Relationship With Rapper Common?

Jennifer Hudson, who won the EGOT, was reportedly seen on a date with rapper Common over the weekend. Sources say that at their dinner date in Philadelphia, the two were “friendly and flirty.”

At this point, there is still no proof that they are dating. Still, it’s important to remember that both of these stars are currently working on a movie called Breathe with Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element) and Sam Worthington (Avatar).

Who Is Jennifer Hudson?

Jennifer Hudson is an American recording craftsman, entertainer and representative. Jennifer Hudson has a total assets of $30 million. She rose to popularity on the opposition series “American Icon,” and has since partaken in a fruitful music and acting vocation. She has won a few Grammys, an Institute Grant and a Screen Entertainers Society grant.

On June 12, 2022 Jennifer won a Tony grant for her work as a co-maker on the play “A Weird Circle.”

With that success Jennifer formally turned into an individual from the selective “EGOT” club – individuals who have won an Emmy, Brilliant Globe, Oscar and Tony. Other EGOT individuals incorporate Whoopi Goldberg, John Legend, Audrey Hepburn and Rita Moreno.

Jennifer Kate Hudson was born on September 12, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois. She is the youngest of three children and grew up in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood.

Hudson finished high school at Dunbar Vocational in 1999, and then she went to Langston University to continue her education. But she left college because she missed her family and signed up at Kennedy-King College.

Hudson started singing in her church choir when she was 7. Her grandmother Julia also helped her get involved in community theater. Read about Ashanti Net Worth

In 2002, she signed her first recording deal with Righteous Records, an independent record company based in Chicago. But in 2004, when “American Idol” offered her the chance to be on the show, she was let out of her five-year contract with Righteous Records.

Who Is Rapper Common?

Common is a musician and actor from the United States who is worth $45 million. “Like Water for Chocolate,” Common’s first studio album on a major label, was a huge financial success and also brought him fame and praise around the world. Common has gone on to have a successful career that includes acting, activism, and endorsements.

Common was born on March 13, 1972, in Chicago, Illinois. His full name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. His mother was a teacher, and his father played basketball in the ABA before becoming a counselor for young people. Common studied business administration at Florida A&M for two years.

Lynn started wrapping as a solo act under the name Common Sense in 1991. His first single, “Take It EZ,” came out in 1992, and then his album “Can I Borrow a Dollar?” With the release of his second album, “Resurrection,” in 1994, he started making money and getting good reviews.

In the middle of the 1990s, his song “I Used to Love H.E.R.” caused a fight with the rap group Westside Connection. In response, they made the song “Westside Slaughter,” which was about Common.

“One Day It’ll All Make Sense,” Common’s third album, came out in 1997 and led to a record deal with MCA Records. “Like Water for Chocolate,” his fourth album, was his first to be certified gold, and one of the singles from it was nominated for a Grammy.

Common was on Kanye West’s first album, “The College Dropout,” which came out in early 2004. His next album, “Be,” was mostly produced by Kanye West.

The album went gold and was nominated for four Grammys in 2005. “Finding Forever,” Common’s seventh LP, came out in July 2007. It was up for a Grammy for Best Rap Album, but “Graduation” by Kanye West won instead.

Who Is Jennifer Hudson Dating?

Jennifer Hudson keeps her personal life very quiet. She doesn’t say much about it in public. Even if you looked at all of her social media accounts, you would never find out who she is dating. Also, read about David Foster

She uses social media a lot and has a huge number of fans. She doesn’t like to talk about her private life in public, though. Does that mean she’s not with anyone? We probably would have thought she was single if she hadn’t been seen with a mysterious man.

Jennifer Hudson And Common

Jennifer is reportedly going out with her Common In Philly. Well, you guessed right, he was in the Breathe with her. Breath is being made for the unversed right now, and it will be on your screen very soon. One of the insiders said that she is out on a date with one of her co-stars and that they have been seen getting close.

The people who saw them also said that they seemed to love each other. Jennifer hasn’t said anything new about her dating life, but it looks like she’s in love. The pretty girl is taking a chance on love. Hopefully, she will tell everyone about her new boyfriend.

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