Who Is Juliette Porter Dating In 2023: Is He Clark Drum

Juliette Porter, a longtime star on Siesta Key, just divorced her husband Sam Logan in August 2021 and so now Who Is Juliette Porter Dating?

To him, nothing is more important than being with me. Therefore, that’s all he ever says. That is precisely his area of interest.

He sincerely wishes for the well-being of others in his immediate vicinity. True fact: he never forgets a thing I say to him. A possible yes. In an exclusive video interview with Life & Style, the 24-year-old MTV sensation gushes, “He’s absolutely fantastic.”

We hardly ever had any awkward silences after we first met. Says Juliette, “It was like we were dating the second we met.”

She and her partner are both young, and in the early stages of their lives, so neither of them has any pressing requirements that would necessitate them spending every weekend apart. Presently, our only goal is to enjoy ourselves.

Clark will be able to hold his own at Siesta Key with Juliette by his side. It would appear that he visited the Summer House on Bravo. It was like he was a bit player in a movie. According to the Floridian, “I think he’ll be alright.” When compared to Sam, my dad says he’s much easier to talk to.

Clark is a real estate agent in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area who apparently enjoys traveling to far-flung destinations, as evidenced by the numerous photos he has posted on Instagram. Photos from his previous albums show him in exotic locales, including Monte Carlo, Antigua, and Mykonos, Greece.

Who Is Juliette Porter Dating? Juliette Porter’s New Boyfriend Goes By The Name Of Clark Drum

Juliette and Clark Drum have been dating since October 2021, when she announced their relationship via Instagram. Due to the fact that Sarah and Sam had recently split up in August, we can only conjecture as to when their relationship had initially begun.

So, who exactly is this new, unseen man? Clark’s LinkedIn page indicates that he works as a licensed yacht broker and real estate agent for the family firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Evidently, he enjoys exploring new places and being in nature, as evidenced by his Instagram feed.

Many of these pictures were taken on his travels to popular tourist destinations such as Paris, Monaco, Mallorca, Spain, and Tulum, Mexico. There are many images of him with his mother and his siblings, suggesting that they are close.

On October 6, 2022, around a year after Juliette’s first release, Clark posted the first Instagram photos he’d taken of her. Pictures show them on a boat trip to Italy’s beautiful Lake Como.

When asked about the pictures, Juliette replied, “He posted me.” I’m completely overwhelmed by how much I care about you.

A more cast member named Chloe Long chipped in, “Could you two be any more attractive???”

These two are clearly just as happy with one another as they were when they first started dating. Before Siesta Key Season 4B premiered in May 2022, Juliette talked about her name boyfriend with Life & Style Magazine.

He wants nothing more than to be in my company,” the MTV star proclaimed. All he wants is to be happy, and he doesn’t have a big ego.

The young woman (now 25) claims she and her boyfriend are in no hurry to get married despite their apparent success. I think we’re pretty serious because we spend every weekend together,” Juliette continued. However, I don’t think there’s any need to hasten things just now, given we’re still young. We’re just two people trying to have fun together.

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Juliette Also Shared The Details Of The Breakup Between Her And Sam

When asked why she and Sam had broken up, Juliette was completely forthright.

When you care for someone, you put in additional effort for them, but I was sad, emotionally drained, and putting myself last. Having to choose between you and me was unjust. So, to sum up, they were in a really toxic relationship, the woman stated.

Who Is Juliette Porter DatingSource: US Weekly

Now that she has found love again, she makes no bones about drawing comparisons between her new boyfriend and her former husband.

Not even [Clark] would make my life complete. Because I received precisely what I wanted, there was no point. You could say he’s the polar opposite of Sam. It’s not like he has low self-esteem or anything, but… It’s wonderful to have someone who cares about what you have to say.

YouTube video

We can’t wait for MTV to air the next episode of Siesta Key: Miami Moves every Thursday night at 8 p.m. Eastern to find out more about Clark.

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