Who Is Karol G Dating: Is Karol G Actually Dating Footballer James Rodríguez?

We can’t take our eyes off the Colombian reggaeton pop musician Karol G: between her sold-out tour dates, her frequent positive affirmations, and her songs, we are always wondering what she is going to do next. This is why we can’t take our eyes off her. To find out Who Is Karol G Dating, keep reading this article.

And because we can’t help but appreciate a good dose of chisme, this also includes the person whom she is dating. Could it be that she’s finally dating again, after having a split that was made public to an excessive degree and having released many songs about overcoming that particular heartbreak?

Who Is Karol G Dating?

The singer Karol G finds herself in the heart of the swirling rumors that are circulating. This time, people are wondering if she is dating James Rodrguez, a professional footballer who plays for Al-Rayyan Sports Club in the Qatar Stars League and for the Colombian national team.

James Rodrguez is a member of the Colombian national squad.

On Wednesday (February 9), a photograph of Karol and James seated next to one other in the midst of a large gathering of people started circulating the internet. The photograph was taken on February 9.

Even though there are no details about the photo, including when or where it was shot, many of Karol’s fans haven’t been shy about expressing their hopes that the singer is moving on from her ex-fiancé Anuel AA.

This is especially the case considering that it appears as though he has put Karol in his rearview mirror. Anuel has taken some drastic measures in the past several weeks, including removing all of her images from his Instagram account, covering up his tattoos, and even getting engaged.

Some of Karol’s supporters have refrained from throwing low blows at Anuel and instead have just wished her the best of luck in any of her future romantic endeavors. On the other hand, others have taken the time to throw some low blows at Anuel.

The recipient of the Latin Grammy Award was mentioned in a few of the comments, and it was mentioned that if the allegations were accurate and Karol was in fact dating Rodriguez, then it would be a step up for Karol.

No matter what the circumstances are, Karol is doing absolutely great regardless of whether or not she has a new boyfriend. She just revealed that she will be working with fellow musician Becky G on a new project, and it is expected that it will be released sometime this summer.

It is anyone’s guess as to whether or not she will also have a summer love interest in her future, but one thing is certain: she is killing it. Who exactly is it that Karol G has dated in the past? Let’s take a peek.

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Who Has Karol G Dated in The Past?

Between the months of February 2018 and September 2018, Karol dated Bull nene, a composer from Colombia. Their relationship lasted for three months.

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There was a story going around in 2017 that Karol G was hooking up with J Balvin, who is also a singer from Colombia. The rumor was never verified in any way.

Her relationship with Anuel AA was the one that lasted the longest and was the most serious.

Who is Anuel AA?

Rapper and vocalist Anuel AA is originally from Puerto Rico. His full name is Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago. Emmanuel is the middle name.

It is common practice to identify him with the Latin trap music trend, and he has worked with a number of well-known singers, such as Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, J Balvin, and others.

Who Is Karol G DatingSource: People

In 2018, Anuel AA published his first studio album, titled Real Hasta la Muerte. This coincided with his release from jail in Puerto Rico, where he had been serving time for possessing a firearm.

On the set of their music video for “Culpables,” which was shot in 2018, Karol G and Anuel AA had their first encounter. They went on to announce their relationship in January 2019.

By April 2019, they had already been engaged.

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