Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating? Kelly Mi Li Announced Her Pregnancy

Kelly Mi Li of Bling Empire has had a very busy few months, as she recently announced that she and her secret beau, about whom she alluded in the third season of Bling Empire, are expecting a child! In this article we will read about Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating.

Many viewers like Kelly Mi because of her business acumen and the fact that she avoids getting involved in the drama that always appears to surround costars Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim.

Her life off-screen is much more interesting than her life on-screen, from the fact that she is a self-made millionaire to the fact that she was previously married. Kelly shared the wonderful news of her pregnancy on Instagram back in November, and ever since then, we’ve been dying to know more about her new(ish) man/baby daddy.

Here, therefore, is all you need to know about Kelly Mi Li, from her pregnancy news and boyfriend to her net worth and the possibility of a fourth season of Bling Empire.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating?

After a disappointing period of online dating, Kelly Mi Li did imply that she was seeing someone new in the season three finale of Bling Empire, which aired in October 2022. (after Kane set up a profile for her).

She told her coworkers she would introduce them to her new partner someday, but otherwise she remained mum.

She did, however, “officially” announce her new beau on Instagram by posting a photo of the two of them holding hands on the beach. But Kelly did not tag him, and all we can see of him is a silhouette, so we still don’t know who he is.

In her year-end recap video, she showed a brief footage of the two of them kissing (while he hid his face), but she still didn’t give too much away about her boyfriend.

She hasn’t told us who he is, but she has said that they’re getting serious about each other since they’re expecting a child.

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Kelly Mi Li Pregnancy News

Who Is Kelly Mi Li dating

Kelly posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a positive pregnancy test to tell the world the exciting news. It was posted by her with: “This explains why I’ve desired sweets instead of simply spicy cuisine. We are incredibly blessed and thrilled to begin this new era of our lives.”

The post below shows the Pregnant pic of Kelly Mi Li:

Swipe to the left to watch the sweet moment she revealed her mother’s reaction to the news that she would soon become a grandmother.

Kelly has been mum about her due date, but she told ET she’s having a girl. Mi Li replied, in response to my question, “Hormones or not, I let out one of those teary-eyed squeals of joy when we got the news. That instant will remain one of the most meaningful and significant in my life. We can’t wait to finally hold our newborn daughter in our arms.”

Nothing has been confirmed, but we’re hoping that Kelly’s pregnancy and early family life will be included on the upcoming season of Bling Empire. Not even a Season 4 renewal has been announced. , but we hope to hear more about the new family very soon.

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