Who is Lexi Rivera Dating Now: Boyfriends & Biography (2022)

Lexi Rivera, better known as Alexa Rivera or Lexi Brooke Rivera, is a popular YouTube and TikTok star. Before long, fans began to notice her on her own, thanks in part to the success of her older brother Brent Rivera’s YouTube channel.

She currently has an Instagram following of over 8.4 million people. More than 21.7 million people follow her on TikTok, with 496.6 million likes, and 8.32 million people subscribe to her YouTube channel.

People are going to want to know more about her now that she has such a large following on social media. Fans of Rivera are keen to learn more about her personal life, as well.

Is Lexi Rivera Dating a Boyfriend in 2022?

Is Lexi Rivera dating a boyfriend in 2022?

There have been no reports of Rivera having a partner as of the year 2022. According to reports, the online star and colleague content creator Andrew Davila are seeing each other romantically.

In December 2020, when Rivera posted a video on YouTube titled ‘MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND,’ in which Davila was depicted as her new boyfriend, rumors of their relationship began to circulate.

There were no bitter feelings between Rivera and her ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart after he admitted to kissing another woman following their breakup, so she decided to shoot the video in response to Azelart’s admission.

To be clear, this was all a hoax between Rivera and Davila, who the YouTuber described as “very good friends” early on in her video. The viewers, on the other hand, were unsatisfied and returned to their conjecture.

Many have even commented on the video of the prank. When she plays pranks on Ben, like “something flirtatious or something,” she always employs Andrew as her prankster.

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As one YouTube user put it: “You never know how love may end,” the relationship between Lexi and Andrew is blossoming.

Rumors of their romance persist to this day. They fuel the fire even further by featuring each other on their social media accounts and by uploading videos to their TikTok and YouTube channels.

Speculations about Rivera’s long-rumored lover were reignited lately after she posted a photo of the two of them together on May 8, 2022. Her first photo with Davila was part of a three-picture Instagram post.

There was a photo of Davila and me seated on the tennis court in professional tennis attire. Tennis racquet in hand, Davila’s hands curled around their waist of Rivera.

one commented, “My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first photo.” An additional commenter wrote: “There is no way that you and your partner are not in a relationship.”

No matter how many rumors there have been, neither of them has confirmed their relationship. On the other hand, they haven’t confirmed or refuted the rumors, opting instead to just state that they are close pals.

It will take some time for the shippers of the alleged couple to find out if they are together. Until that happens, Rivera’s current status as a single person is accurate.

Lexi Rivera’s Relationship with Her ex-Boyfriend Ben Azelart

According to The Sun, Rivera and her ex-boyfriend, Azelart began dating about 2017 when Rivera was just 15 years old.

The couple’s social media accounts were routinely updated with photos and videos of each other. Their supporters thought they would always be together, and everything looked to be going well between them.

When they announced their breakup in a YouTube video on November 22, 2020, it wasn’t meant to happen. To begin, he said they had to tell the truth to their supporters because they owed them that.


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Ben is “like honestly one of the finest people I’ve ever met in my entire life,” she continued. Ben echoed Lexi’s sentiments by saying, “Lexi is one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest persons I’ve ever encountered.”

Once they announced their breakup, Rivera explained why it took so long to do so. I understand that this has been extremely difficult for you, and that’s because it has been quite difficult for us as well. “I don’t think we had a clear idea of what we intended to do until today,” he says.

That’s why it was difficult for the two of us to figure out how to be together while we were communicating via email and other electronic means. As a teenager, I can tell you that it wasn’t easy.

They also stated that their relationship was no longer fulfilling them. We both had so much fun creating it but I think that as time went on it just became a bit too complicated for us to keep up with.” Because we wanted to make you happy and ourselves happy, it was difficult.”

That’s it for now,” she said. “We just couldn’t do both, and I think that was the most essential thing to focus on.” This is not a permanent separation, but it was the wrong time for them to be together.

Also, kids needed some time to be “independent,” according to Azelart. The two of them are still good friends and even created a video in February 2021 despite their split.

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