Who Is Lil Nas X Dating In 2022: Why Did He Break-Up With Yari Ariza?

After officially announcing his sexuality on Twitter in June 2019 and discussing his own process of coming to grips with it, Lil Nas X became an LGBTQ icon within the rap and country music scenes. Let’s dig deep into Who Is Lil Nas X Dating?

Lil Nas X has kept his amorous activities under wraps for the past year, so his admirers were happy to hear that he finally discussed them.

Do we know whether Lil Nas X is currently seeing anyone? Exactly who has he dated in the past? Stay tuned for more as we investigate the 22-year-old’s relationships.

Who Is Lil Nas X?

The American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Nas X have a net worth of $7 million. Perhaps the most well-known of Lil Nas X’s songs is “Old Town Road,” which fused rap with the country to create a style all its own.

The song initially gained popularity on TikTok, then in 2019, it was certified diamond because of its success on the charts in several nations.

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Among the LGBTQ subculture, Lil Nas X is a major figure. His homosexuality was made public after the song “Old Town Road” was released. A previously reigning artist had never experienced this before. Different people reacted in different ways to his coming out.

Although he received praise from fans and fellow musicians, he also received criticism from some quarters of the hip-hop scene. The number of openly gay hip-hop musicians is quite low.

After the success of “Old Town Road,” Nas X was honored with several accolades. In 2020, he received the most nominations of any male artist at the Grammys, and he ended up winning two awards: Best Music Video and Best Pop Duo Performance.

Nas X also won a Country Music Award in addition to his two MTV Video Music Awards. Until now, he was the only openly gay person to take home a Country Music Award. Lil Nas X is now widely recognized as an online powerhouse. Let’s dig deep into Who Is Lil Nas X Dating?

Who Is Lil Nas X Dating?

For the record, Lil Nas X is currently #TeamSingle. The “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer’s romance with his ex ended after he called his former flame “the one” in Variety’s 2021 Power of Young Hollywood Issue (published on August 11, 2021).

His backup dancer was said to be the lucky man after he and she shared a kiss onstage at the 2021 BET Awards, but he has kept mum on the subject.

Lil Nas X confirmed his availability during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy show on Sirius XM.

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I had a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s not something I want to do,” Lil Nas X explained to Andy.

Andy continued by saying that he believes the rapper has “thousands of individuals applying for the job of Lil Nas X’s boyfriend,” and he acknowledged that there are a few people who are interested in dating the rapper.

To be clear, Lil Nas X continued by saying he’s not in any hurry to settle down with someone right now.

Maybe I’m just floating about right now,” Lil Nas X said. “I just want to focus on music, and every once in a blue moon, you know, maybe I’ll kiss a guy.”

Who Is Yari Ariza?

Yai Ariza is a member of Lil Nas X’s dance crew and is a backup dancer.

He was born and reared in Colombia, although he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. As a professional dancer, Yai has a full-time job.

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Yai said the following about Lil Nas X when speaking to Attitude about him: “He’s incredibly humorous. He is very outgoing and friendly. We went out to eat during one of the days of rehearsals, and he came along to hang out with us. He is an absolutely great human being.

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