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Who Is Lily James Boyfriend? All The Deets On Michael Shuman

Lily James Boyfriend

Lily James Boyfriend

Lily James finally met her Tommy Lee. Lily James Boyfriend, Michael Shuman, the rock star who has been dating the Pammy & Tommy actress since February 2021, was first seen with her in public in February 2021 in Suffolk, England.

Images of the two holding hands while out and about in Los Angeles that April fueled speculation that they were an item. Word got around that they were on their way to see Shuman’s family.

As like James, Shuman has experience working in the public eye. The artist is a part of not one but two rock bands, one of which has been nominated for multiple Grammys. Moreover, Shuman has done some solo work, such as scoring a feature picture.

As they have been spending more time together in public, the couple has been careful to keep their relationship under wraps.

Which begs the question: who is Lily James dating? Learn more about Michael Shuman and his developing romance with the actress by reading on!

Lily James Boyfriend Plays In Two Groups

Shuman is a busy person because he knows how to keep himself occupied. In 2007, he joined the band Queens of the Stone Age as the bass guitarist. The group’s origins can be traced back to the late ’90s, and it has since welcomed a rotating cast of artists. Shuman plays the bass and sings, but that’s not the only band he’s in.

Shuman, Zach Dawes, and Tyler Parkford, who have been called “a trio of partners in crime, best pals, and brothers in all but blood,” formed Mini Mansions in 2009. The most current of the band’s four albums, released in 2019, belongs to the contemporary rock genre.

Lily James Boyfriend Is A Grammy Nominee

Source: People

According to their Grammy Awards page, Queens of the Stone Age has been nominated seven times. Four of these nominations have been associated with Shuman: best hard rock performance in 2008, best rock performance in 2014, and best rock album in 2018.

This 2018 EP By Mini Mansion Was Inspired By His Failed Engagement And Split

Little Mansions’ 2018 EP, which evolved into the band’s fourth album, has a different feel than their earlier rock albums.

As Shuman put it in a 2018 interview with Coup de Main, the process of writing songs is “organic” and “very cathartic.” Since Shuman had recently ended a relationship that had resulted to an engagement, it was this romantic experience that served as the primary inspiration for the EP.

‘I think it should be all spring from actual things that are happening in your life and true experiences,’ Shuman told the site of songwriting. “I went through a relationship that started out with high highs and finished with terrible lows,” the artist explains, “and that’s what all the new music ended up being about, for the most part.”

Later, he elaborated, “Because we’re on the topic of opening up, I’ll share that I once fell in love with a girl, got engaged, and was ready to start a new chapter in my life. When something like that occurs, it prompts you to reflect on your priorities and the ways in which you’d like to spend your time. That shifted me profoundly and… encouraged me to write, not just lyrics but music as well.”

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Romance Rumours Between Him And James Began In February Of 2021

Their first public appearance as a couple was in February of 2021. They were seen on camera locking lips outside a hotel in Suffolk, UK, where James was staying while filming the British romantic comedy. Forget About Love; This Has Nothing to Do with Anything

It was also claimed by PEOPLE that the two were following one other on Instagram.

James Made Their Relationship Instagram Official In February 2022

James confirmed her relationship with the Queens of the Stone Age singer on Instagram, nearly a year after their publicised romance first sparked speculation.

The actress uploaded a slideshow to Instagram on February 17, 2022, with images of sunsets, seaside scenery, and what looks to be the back of Shuman’s head. Although though Shuman wasn’t mentioned by name, his trademark shiny blonde hair was immediately recognisable.

Postcards from the edge,” James wrote as the caption.

As of April 2022, when James posted a photo of herself and Shuman together at a Chanel event, Shuman had officially made his Instagram debut.

Lily James Boyfriend Scored The 2017 Film Feed

Tommy Bertelsen, who directed Feed in 2017, asked his buddy and composer, Shuman, to work on the film’s soundtrack. Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario, a high school classmate of Shuman’s, wrote, produced, and oversaw the entire project.

When I was welcomed on board, it was like joining a family,” Shuman said to Coup de Main in 2017.

Before Shuman realised it, he was responsible for creating the entire soundtrack for the picture, not just the score. That was unexpected; he had planned only to do a score.

A continuation from Shuman: “Really, I don’t think many individuals engage in this practise. Never before have I heard of a soundtrack in which the composer also performed the music. I’m no trailblazer, but making a record was a lot of work—and a lot of fun.”

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