Who Is Madison Bailey Dating? Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey Comes Out as Pansexual

We will read about Who Is Madison Bailey Dating in this article. You may be getting psyched to see your favorite characters from Outer Banks back on your screens again as word spreads about the show’s upcoming second season.

This actress follows in the footsteps of many other notable performers who have helped bring the action-packed Netflix original series to life.

Many viewers have come to admire Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara Carrera, for her sincerity, friendliness, and tenacity in defending the causes in which she believes. (Aren’t you dying to be her BFF?!)

If you’re a true Kiara fan, you’ve probably been looking into the Outer Banks actress’s romantic life. Here, you can find out if Madison Bailey is taken.

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating?

Bailey publicly declared her pansexuality on TikTok at the end of May, adding, “Pansexuality is a term that has been misunderstood.

Infants who don’t identify as either a female or a boy can also be born. What really matters is who you are on the inside.” In an Instagram post dated September 2019, she hinted at her sexuality, writing, “Easily distracted by all genders.”

This relationship was proven in Bailey’s subsequent TikTok, which has approximately 13 million views. Bailey is seen in the video mouthing along to a voiceover that says, “I’m not falling” several times until finally conceding, “Okay, I’m falling.” The photograph is completed by Bailey welcoming Linney into the picture with a grin and a bear hug.

On June 15, Mariah Linney shared a selfie of herself and Bailey with her almost 45,000 Instagram followers, making the couple’s relationship Instagram public. Bailey responded to the post with “!!.”

Linney Is A Skilled Basketball Player For The Charlotte 49ers

Linney is entering her senior year at UNC Charlotte, while Bailey is riding high on the popularity of Netflix’s Outer Banks. The South Carolina native Linney has made quite a name for himself on the sports field while pursuing a degree in sociology.

YouTube video

In her senior year at Goose Creek High School, Linney was recognized as the USA Today High School Sports State Player of the Year, as stated on her bio page. Linney started all 30 games at guard for her team last year. On a regular basis, Linney posts seasonal images on his Instagram account.

It’s Not Their First Time Flirting Online

Though Linney and Bailey have only recently made their relationship public, there were hints of their blossoming affection on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Bailey commented “mine and mine” beneath one of Linney’s May posts and “wow wow” under another from last week. He tweeted, “my girl is extremely brilliant, biggest fan,” on June 13.

The strongest indication of the couple’s closeness, though, is seen on Linney’s TikTok. Linney and Bailey’s relationship status has been confirmed, and since then, they’ve released multiple videos of themselves dancing together.

How Did Bailey And Linney Meet?

When did these two millennials start dating? Linney claims that this app is called TikTok. Linney thanked TikTok in a video caption last week.

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Bailey and Linney sang a duet in a video shared on May 25 and titled “Just me staring at Madison Bailey.”

Before May, Linney and Bailey could have easily crossed paths by happenstance, considering Bailey is from the same state. And Linney’s home state of South Carolina serves as the setting for Outer Banks. However, Bailey revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Linney first drew the actor’s attention on TikTok, which led to DM exchanges on Instagram.

Bailey And Linney Rapidly Developed Significant Feelings For One Another

The soon-to-be spouses discovered they lived within 20 minutes of each other in Charleston, making it simple to set up a date.

I was in a Charleston hotel and invited everyone to come to hang out with me. Just hang out, and have a conversation. There’s nowhere to go since everything’s closed,” Bailey told ET, adding that it took three days for Linney to meet her biological parents.

Bailey went on, “It’s pretty serious.” Since I was certain that no matter what happened, you would always be a part of my life, I felt completely comfortable sharing the news on social media. For some reason, I feel really responsible for her.

You can tell she has a soft heart because of how much she adores basketball and her loved ones. Her commitment and loyalty are seen in the things she values. Infatuation? I have it!

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