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Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating: Do Meg And Noah Still Have A Romantic Relationship?

Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating

Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating

The new CW prequel series Supernatural: The Winchesters will tell the story of how John and Mary Winchester became the parents of Sam and Dean Winchester. However, Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating?

The night when John Winchester (Drake Rodgers) first saw Mary Campbell and fell in love with her is the starting point for The Winchesters, which is narrated by Dean Winchester.

It is not hard to understand why John became so enamored with Mary considering her attractiveness, power, and sarcastic sense of humor. But does the lady who plays this role actually have a John Winchester in her own life?

The following is the dating history that we have on Meg Donnelly. However, Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating?

Who Is Meg Donnelly Dating?

Posts on Meg’s Instagram account show that the 22-year-old actress is in a relationship with Noah Zulfikar, who also appears in Zombies. (Noah joined the cast of the Disney Channel Zombies trilogy for the second and third editions, whereas Meg has been a part of the series ever since it debuted.)

Meg’s other co-star in Zombies, Milo Manheim, has been the subject of romantic speculation in the past. Despite this, Meg has made it abundantly apparent in a variety of interviews that she and Milo are merely friends, and nothing more than that.

Do Meg And Noah Still Have A Romantic Relationship?

As a result of the fact that Noah did not post a message wishing Meg a happy birthday on social media like he did the previous year, a number of Meg and Noah’s admirers grew concerned. It appears that it has been approximately nine months since either of them has publicly shared any images on their accounts as a pair since this writing.

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Nevertheless, this does not necessarily imply that the couple is no longer together, Gen Zers! There are those couples who just prefer to keep their relationship a secret from others. Both individuals continue to follow one another on Instagram, and the photographs that they had previously posted of themselves together have not been deleted.

Meg Donnelly And Milo Manheim Alleged Relationship

Since their characters, Addison and Zed, from ZOMBIES fell in love with one another, there have been whispers about a romantic relationship between Meg and Milo Manheim. However, the two individuals have repeatedly denied reports that they are romantically involved.

Meg told People in February 2020 of their friendship that they had “met during the process of auditioning.” “On the most recent one, we got to know one other quite well. They asked us to do a duet, and we chose to sing “Love Is An Open Door” from the Disney film Frozen. We were extremely reliant upon one another. And we developed such an extraordinary connection.”

In a separate interview, they deftly put a stop to any relationship speculations by referring to each other solely as their “best friends.”

“We’ve had a lot of good fortune because not only do we get along with each other, but we’re actually the best of friends. In December 2021, Milo and Meg were quoted in HollywoodLife as saying, “We are truly a family, and I adore every single individual who was on that set so much.”

I am continually telling myself, and others are constantly reminding me, that it does not always feel like that. We are the ideal bunch of friends, and I count myself really fortunate to have that.

Has Meg Donnelly Ever Been Romantically Involved With Anyone Else Before?

Meg Donnelly, an actress from the United States, is on the left, and Noah Zulfikar, a charming young performer who also acts. Because Meg has been so secretive about her dating life, it is difficult to determine who she has been romantically involved with in the past.

On the other hand, it is highly possible that the ZOMBIES actress had a brief romance with her American Housewife co-star Logan Pepper. Regrettably, not one of them has ever publicly addressed the reports of their romantic involvement.

The actress’ most direct connection is with Noah Zulfikar; nevertheless, it is widely believed that she dated her close friend Milo Manheim at some point.

Even though he has dated a number of renowned people and is one of the most admired people in the world, he has decided to settle down with someone who has interests that are similar to his own. It would be really interesting to observe how a great friendship develops over the course of time.

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