Who Is Michael Caine Wife? Everything About Shakira Caine

In addition to having one of Hollywood’s longest careers, Michael Caine and Michael Caine wife Shakira have been married for nearly half a century.

The Oscar winner met Caine (then known as Baksh) in the 1970s, and he claims he fell in love with her at first sight. They had their daughter the same year they tied the knot, 1973. They’ve stayed together all this time and are now grandparents.

Michael told the Radio Times in 2018 that “I fell in love with her in approximately eight minutes.” She fell in love with me in two hours.

Shakira has accompanied the actor who plays Batman to several of his premieres because the two are incredibly supportive of each other’s professions.

Who exactly is the woman who has Caine completely smitten? Please read on to find out more about Shakira Caine, Michael’s wife.

Michael Caine Wife Was Miss Guyana

According to an interview she gave in 1976, Shakira said that she had dropped out of high school at the age of 16 in order to take a job as a secretary at a U.S. Information Service office in Guyana. The bombing of the office caused her eardrum to burst and left her with scarring on her cheek.

The experience inspired her to compete in a beauty pageant in the hopes of winning the opportunity to escape Guyana. I really wanted to get out; it was my number one priority,” she stated.

Shakira placed third at the Miss World competition after winning the title of Miss Guyana and competing in London. She ultimately settled in that country.

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Michael Caine Wife Is A Former Actress

Shakira first appeared on screen in Carry on Again, Doctor, back in 1969. With her husband Michael, Sean Connery, Saeed Jaffrey, and Christopher Plummer in The Man Who Would Be King in 1975, Shakira played Roxanne.

Michael Got Shakira’s Number From An Ad Agency

Michael was determined to meet Shakira after seeing her in a Maxwell House coffee advertisement from the ’70s. Their relationship began with a blind date set up by a mutual friend.

Michael gushed in 1976, “She was the most beautiful female I’d ever seen.”

Also, Shakira said, “He was completely unexpected. After watching him in Get Carter, I found him to be really forceful and unyielding. On the contrary, I thought him to be endearing and tender, the kind of person with whom I would be happy to share my life.”

Their Las Vegas Wedding Took Place In 1973

Michael and Shakira were married at the Candlelight Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 8, 1973.

Michael subsequently remarked, “Oh, we’re so romantic.” in a 2012 interview with The Mirror. “We take mini-honeymoons all the time. Once in a while, my husband and I will sneak away for a romantic weekend at the George V Hotel in Paris.”

They Share A Daughter And Two Grandchildren

In 1973, Michael and Shakira Caine had a baby girl whom they named Natasha Caine.

“When it comes to my family, I go all out. I have two grandsons, both of whom are dear to me. “When asked by the Radio Times, Caine revealed some information. “In their eyes, I became something of a hero. I was sitting here watching cartoons with my oldest when a trailer for a Batman movie popped up. Do you know Batman? He questioned. My offhand response was, “Yeah, he’s a friend of mine…”

Michael Caine Wife Travels With Him To Work

Michael told The Mirror that being apart for an extended period of time may put a strain on any relationship. The couple would be “sort of strangers” upon reuniting since “if you go out on site for three months and your wife stays at home, you’ve made a whole new load of friends, and she’s made a whole new load of friends,” he said. However, this is not the case for the Caines.

Michael Caine WifeSource: People

He continued, “My wife comes with me to all the movies, but she is not an appendage to a film star or anything like that.” “To put it simply, she completes me. Furthermore, our feelings for one another have not diminished in the least. We were then, and we will be again.”

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