Who Is Michelle Pfeiffer Husband? Everything You Need To About David E. Kelley

Michelle Pfeiffer and Michelle Pfeiffer Husband, David E. Kelley romance began differently. The Scarface actress and TV writer hit it off on a blind date in early 1993. Pfeiffer had been dating Kelley for two months and was adopting her daughter Claudia.

“We had this child immediately, unlike other people. I saw Kelley in a circumstance that would differentiate boys from men. He clearly excelled, “In 2007, Pfeiffer told Good Housekeeping about their beginnings. “We saw one other as parents before we proceeded in our relationship, and in a funny sense, that eased the weight off as a pair.”

Further, “Perfect timing. It’s a testimonial to his character and the fact that the standard approach isn’t always optimal.”

Kelley adopted Claudia in November 1993 after marrying. They had John Henry the following year.

Pfeiffer and Kelley have been together for nearly three decades and just celebrated their 29th anniversary, so keeping their relationship private may be beneficial.

“Happy Anniversary to David, my heart of 29 years,” the award-winning actress posted on Instagram.

Who was Pfeiffer’s TV writer? David E. Kelley is Michelle Pfeiffer’s spouse.

Michelle Pfeiffer Husband Attended Princeton University

Kelley studied politics and played men’s ice hockey at Princeton.

He earned a Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law after graduating in 1979. He joined a Boston litigation firm.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Husband Is A TV Writer

Kelley wrote From the Hip, a 1987 legal thriller, while practicing law.

“I had a concept that I believed would make a terrific movie but didn’t know anybody in L.A., so I set about scripting the film—which would become From the Hip—on my own,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I decided to show it to someone. It was optioned by a law firm client, but I learned that optioning a script doesn’t guarantee production! I kept my day job as advised.”

Michelle Pfeiffer HusbandSource: People

Steven Bochco of L.A. Law liked the script. Kelley joined the show as a writer and became head writer. “In the summer of 1986, Boccho invited me to do an episode. I knew from the first story meeting that this was my place, “Kelley stated.

Kelley has subsequently become a prolific television writer and producer. The Practice, Ally McBeal, The Undoing, Anatomy of a Scandal, Big Little Lies, Big Sky, and Nine Perfect Strangers are among his credits. He joined the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2014.

Kelley has 30 Emmy nominations and 11 wins in 36 years.

He Blind-Dated Pfeiffer

Kelley was blind-dated by Pfeiffer in January 1993.

“I was sort of nervous… because I’d had a couple of awful blind dates, and I had sworn off of them,” Pfeiffer told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. “I suggested a bowling party.”

Pfeiffer remembered Kelley “chatting it up” with her sister during a pre-party supper.

She added, “I tell my best buddy, “I think I should match Dedee [Pfeiffer’s sister] up with him. They seem to really hit it off.” My pal said, “Don’t dare; I’ll murder you.”

She joked that it started poorly but ended well.

Nearly 30 years ago, he married Pfeiffer.
On Nov. 13, 1993, Kelley married Pfeiffer.

“Chose incredibly well with David,” Pfeiffer told Parade magazine in 2012.

She called herself lucky. “Never. My husband’s integrity is unmatched. Respect. He’s funny, smart, and cute, but if you don’t respect your partner, you’ll get bored of him.”

The couple is still together over three decades later, and Pfeiffer has honored their many anniversaries on Instagram.

He Shares Two Children With Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer adopted privately before meeting Kelley. Two months after meeting Kelley, she adopted Claudia Rose in March 1993. Kelley adopted Claudia the year they married.

In 2007, Pfeiffer told Good Housekeeping about raising their daughter “My girl’s unusual. She’s powerful and magnificent.” Mom continued, “I got the independent, outspoken young woman I desired! She’s artistic and curious. This age is great because she’s emerging into her own. She’s great.”

Kelley and Pfeiffer had John Henry Kelley in August 1994.

Pfeiffer posted an April 2020 Instagram photo of her baby bump.

“#TBT. 1994. Expectant. I miss my kids like everyone else, “Pfeiffer captioned.

In 2021, the actress posted an Instagram photo of her now-adult daughter.

Michelle Pfeiffer Husband And Pfeiffer Choose Not To Work Together

Pfeiffer has admitted to not working with Kelley, despite their Hollywood success.

“I’ve met a lot of couples where they seem to have a very terrific marriage, and then they work together, and next year they’re filing for divorce,” Pfeiffer told The New Yorker of their decision to split work and home.

Pfeiffer discussed her nuptials on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in early 2022.

“He writes better for women than anyone,” Pfeiffer added. “Unbelievable. I love our friendship more than a decent part. Thus, it’s too hazardous.”

Additionally, “We’re both fierce at work, so if I come home unhappy after a horrible day, I want him on my side since he hasn’t heard the other side. That’s useful.”

Although Kelley does not work with his movie star wife, his life with her and their kids inspires him. Pfeiffer told Live with Kelly and Ryan in April 2022 that Kelley previously used their kids’ head lice incident for a performance.

Kelly Ripa told Pfeiffer, “I see certain characters, and I say, ‘I bet he wrote it for Michelle.'”

“No… He would never admit to it,” the actress said, adding that Kelley “once composed a scenario” inspired by their children, Claudia and John Henry.

“One got elementary school hair lice,” Pfeiffer said. “Three of us worked on this kid’s head to remove these nits.”

Further, “I told Kelley, “If I see this in one of these shows!” Of course, it was in his show.”

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