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Who Is Miley Cyrus Dating? Everything You Need To Know About Maxx Morando

Who Is Miley Cyrus Dating

Who Is Miley Cyrus Dating

Miley may have perfected the love song, but true love is often much more nuanced. All the while, we’ve been cheering for her as she’s gone from being single to being engaged, then married, and back to being single. So the question is, Who Is Miley Cyrus Dating now?

Who Is Miley Cyrus Dating?

In case you missed it, Miley Cyrus is seeing someone new. A source close to E! News claims that the original Disney Channel star is “happy” with her new boyfriend, the musician Maxx Morando. According to a second source, they have a close connection since “they are both artistic and creative” and “bond over being musicians.” They presumably know each other through common connections.

They went on a little vacation to Cabo in February 2022 to get away from the cold, and the paparazzi captured them making out by the pool in their private villa. The rumor mill has it that Maxx watched Miley’s New Year’s Eve spectacular in Miami on NBC. But, in November of 2021, the two were spotted on the red carpet at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles. Witness:

The insider told Entertainment Tonight that Miley and Maxx “have been dating for a little while and are simply enjoying their relationship.” Neither Miley nor Maxx has commented on the rumors yet. “Miley appreciates how unassuming of a pair they are; she simply wants to do what makes her happy, and Maxx supports that.”

Who Is Maxx Morando?

With this wealth of new information, it is only natural to delve deeply into Maxx Morando. Friends, please charge in like a wrecking crew.

Maxx Is In A Band

Maxx plays the drums for the Los Angeles band Liily. He was the drummer for the Regrettes from 2015-2018 before joining this group. Don’t underestimate him because of his seeming lack of versatility. Maxx is an accomplished musician who plays several instruments, guitar included.

Maxx Is Not Quite As Old As Miley Cyrus

His birthday is November 16th, 1998, which makes Him 24 years old at the present. The age of Miley Cyrus is 30. Despite their six-year age difference, they share something more in common: they’re both famous astrological signs, one of which is Scorpio and the other is Sagittarius (her b-day is on November 23).

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Maxx Is Into Fashion

Maxx is obviously a talented artist who enjoys exploring many artistic mediums. He designed cartoon figures to be used in a real designer collaboration that Miley wore onstage. So real, in fact, that while discussing her slay-worthy festival lewks in an interview with Vogue, Miley specifically mentioned Maxx.

In an interview for the month of September 2021, Miley credited the ensemble to Maxx Morando and Shane Kastl, two of her favorite up-and-coming designers. Shane used Maxx’s favorite cartoon characters and parts of his own collection in his creation. Something about the fact that anything can be reimagined, as demonstrated by their partnership, really speaks to me.

Evidently, Maxx was stoked by the mention, as he shared a screenshot of the piece on Instagram:

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