Who Is Morgan Stark In Avengers Endgame & Is Morgan Stark Has Comic Version?

Who Is Morgan Stark In Avengers Endgame: Endgame, Tony and Pepper Stark had a baby girl named Morgan, making the Stark family bigger. As with most MCU characters, Morgan Stark has a counterpart in Marvel’s comic book universe, but that version is very different from what we see in Endgame.
Read on to find out more about Morgan Stark and how she might show up in future MCU movies.

Morgan Stark: Comic books

Morgan Stark: Comic books

Aside from the fact that both versions of Morgan Stark are related to Tony Stark, they couldn’t be more different. In the comics, the character is Tony’s male cousin. He also has a very big grudge against a family member.

Morgan thinks that Howard Stark lied to Edward Stark about his job at Stark Industries. Because of this, Morgan can’t stop thinking about how to get back at Tony and take the company from his cousin.

What he doesn’t know is that Edward sold his share of the company of his own free will. All of Morgan’s anger toward Howard and his son comes from a simple misunderstanding.

Even though a vengeful relative might not seem like a big deal to Iron Man, Morgan has been a pain for Tony for years. It helps that he seems to have picked up some of the Starks’ intelligence.

For example, in his first appearance, he was using a visor that could make Iron Man see things. In another story, Morgan took over Tony’s armory and sent a whole bunch of suits after his cousin.

In its Ultimate Universe line, Marvel gave Morgan Stark a different look. In this world, a terrorist leader called the Red Devil takes Tony and Morgan, and other people hostage. Morgan is killed so Tony will have to give up his tech.

Instead, he makes some armor and gets away. Basically, this version of Morgan is a stand-in for Tony’s mentor, Ho Yinsen, who is going to die.

What Is Morgan Stark’s MCU Future

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with Morgan Stark, who was introduced in Avengers: Endgame. The short answer is that most likely it doesn’t.

Tony and Pepper’s choice of the name Morgan for their daughter seems to be nothing more than a nod to the comic book that inspired it. After all, nothing about how she is portrayed in Endgame makes me think that Morgan will grow up to hate the Starks. Not to mention that Tony is already dead.

If Morgan shows up again in the MCU, we think she’ll be trying to do what her father did and become a superhero herself. In this way, she might be more like Riri Williams, a character in comics who was Iron Man for a short time and now goes by the name Ironheart.

Ironheart even has a digital copy of Tony’s mind that she can send to JARVIS and FRIDAY as a response. Something similar could happen to Morgan when she finds out that her father left her a piece of himself to help her on her journey. This would also be a way for Robert Downey, Jr. to stay in the MCU in a small way.

The problem is that the actress who plays Morgan in Endgame, Lexi Rabe, is too young to be wearing an Iron Man suit. If Marvel Studios has big plans for Morgan, they will probably skip ahead in the MCU timeline or use time travel to make Morgan an adult right away.

Who can say? She might be on a team of Young Avengers in the MCU, which is becoming more and more likely. Or, Morgan might just be a minor character in the MCU, with someone like Ironheart taking over as Tony’s official successor.

Still, many fans think that 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford might have been picked to play an older Morgan Stark. In October 2018, there were rumors that Langford had been hired for Endgame and had already shot her scenes.

Langford didn’t make it into the movie, but it’s possible that her scenes were cut at some point. Marvel may have originally planned to show an older version of Morgan Stark but changed their minds. That wouldn’t necessarily stop Langford from coming back in an MCU project in the future.

Two Morgans from MCU?

Even though it would be more of a stretch, Morgan Stark could still show up in the MCU in a more traditional way. Tony brings up the idea of naming his unborn child Morgan for Pepper’s crazy uncle Morgan for the first time in Infinity War.

This small talk not only hinted at a big thing that will happen in Endgame, but it could also be setting up a new enemy for the Stark family in the future.

Even though we don’t know much more about Morgan Potts than what was said, it’s easy to picture a character like Morgan Stark from the comics. After Tony’s death, he might think of himself as the rightful owner of Stark Industries.

And when that power instead goes to Tony’s daughter, Morgan Potts may become obsessed with killing his niece for the rest of his life. Basically, he’d be Tony Stark’s Obadiah Stane.

This still doesn’t answer the question of when an MCU movie or show led by Morgan Stark would take place. But whether this project just skips ahead 15 to 20 years or uses time travel to make Tony and Pepper’s daughter look older, this family rivalry could be interesting to look into.

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