Who Is Natalia Dyer Dating In 2022: Is She Cheating on Her Partner?

Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer have been dating since 2016. Their paths crossed on the set of Stranger Things, where they both worked as extras. Have you seen the Netflix original series Stranger Things?

Natalia Dyer was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 13, 1995, and is an American actress. Allen Miles Dyer, her father, and Karen Dyer, her mother, raised her and her sister, Virginia Dyer, together.

Natalia Danielle Dyer is the full name of this woman. A clinical engineer by day and an exercise physiologist by night, she comes from a family of health care professionals.

It was in the Netflix series Stranger Things when Natalia, who has been working as a kid artist since 2009’s Hannah Montana: The Movie, landed the lead part of Nancy Wheeler.


Who Is Natalia Dyer Dating In 2022?

Charlie Heaton and Natalia have been together since 2016. Stranger Things co-stars them both.

Stranger Things has been popular for three seasons, and many fans are eager to see the couple together again in the fourth season of the show as Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers.

If people were curious about Natalia and her boyfriend during their first months together, it annoyed Natalia since she wanted to experience her own love life first.

Even though Natalia and Charlie’s relationship was made public in 2017, Natalia stated in an interview that she prefers to keep things private for them since she doesn’t feel comfortable being open and revealing them.

What is Natalia Dyre’s Relationship Status?

In the year 2022, Charlie Heaton, Natalia’s long-term partner, is in a relationship.

There are no speculations of Natalia dating anybody other than Charlie since she started a real-life relationship with him.

When asked how she and Charlie had such a long-lasting relationship, Natalia’s straightforward response is that they understand and appreciate one another.

At first, Natalia said, she and her lover were just coworkers, but as time went on, they became more than that.

Natalia Dyer Partner: Who’s Charlie Heaton?

Who’s Charlie Heaton?

British actor and singer Charlie Ross Heaton was born on February 6, 1994, in London. The same year as Natalia, he began his acting career with a short film called Life Requires Courage.

In the 2016 season of Stranger Things, Charlie was cast as Jonathan Byers opposite Natalia Dyer.

According to some sources, he has a kid with Akiko Matsuura named Archie.

Does Natalia have Disputes with her partner?

Even though Natalia and Charlie’s relationship has been going well for almost five years, reports have circulated that she and her spouse are feuding.

The couple has attended numerous premieres and award shows together, regardless of whether Natalia or Charlie are the honorees.

Charlie and Natalia aren’t going to break up any time soon, as evidenced by Natalia’s presence on Charlie’s social media.

Natalia has a good relationship with Archie, Charlie’s kid from a previous marriage.

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