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Who Is Pierce Brosnan Wife Keely Shaye? When Did Pierce Brosnan And Keely Shaye Smith Get Married?

Pierce Brosnan Wife

Pierce Brosnan Wife

Pierce Brosnan has been a Hollywood mainstay for decades, but off-screen, he’s a loving father and the name of Pierce Brosnan Wife is Keely Shaye Brosnan (née Smith), whom he wed in 2001 after the couple initially met in 1994.

Pierce is unwavering in his public and private support of Keely, the mother of his two sons, and routinely pays respect to her on social media.

What, then, can we learn about the lady who stole the heart of the Irish film star?

Pierce Brosnan Wife Keely Shaye Began Her Career On Stage And Then Branched Out Into Journalism And Filmmaking

For the 1995 Sydney, Australia premiere of Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond film Goldeneye, he brought along his girlfriend, Keely Shaye Smith (R).

After a few brief appearances in the ’80s, Keely made her big screen debut as the lead in the Huey Lewis and the News music video for “Stuck with You” in 1986.

Soon after, she began working as a journalist and documentary filmmaker to bring attention to issues of environmental injustice and animal rights.

Her work has taken her all the way from campaigning for healthy environmental practices in Mexico and Hawaii to defending marine life in the oceans. (Keely is originally from Oahu, while her husband is from California’s Malibu.)

Keely has written on, as well as volunteered for, causes related to protecting marine mammals and wetlands, eliminating nuclear weapons, promoting clean air and water, the protection of endangered species, and disseminating the dissemination of environmental education in the classroom.

She has received multiple awards for her activism, and Pierce shares her passion for safeguarding the planet’s most endangered creatures.

Both of them are vocal on Instagram about topics related to environmental protection and social equality.

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Pierce Brosnan Wife Keely Shaye Has Served As An Entertainment Correspondent

In this February 27, 2005 file photo taken at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California, we see Pierce Brosnan (R) and his wife Keely Shaye Smith.

Keely used to work as an entertainment correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Today, where she interviewed stars including Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, and Michael Jordan. While in Mexico in 1994 to conduct an interview with Ted Danson, she met her future spouse at a party.

Previously, she was a correspondent for Good Morning America and Unsolved Mysteries.

Keely first made her name in the entertainment industry as a model and actor in both television and movies. She went on to become a TV reporter and advocated for animal and environmental issues through her newfound fame.

While residing in Kauai, Hawaii, Keely made her filmmaking debut in 2016 with the film Poisoning Paradise, which exposed harmful environmental practices on the island.

Here, you will learn all there is to know about Keely Shaye Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan’s wife.

When Did Pierce Brosnan And Keely Shaye Smith Get Married?

Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan tied the knot in a $1.5 million ceremony in 2001 in Brosnan’s native Ireland. Charlotte, his daughter with Harris, was a bridesmaid, and the pair had a fireworks show and an ice sculpture of Rodin’s The Kiss.

Source: RSVP

“Just seeing the ultimate love that these two people have for each other was unbelievable,” Charlotte told PEOPLE at the wedding in 2001. Thank goodness my dad tracked it again again.

Brosnan is constantly gushing over Smith. I discovered a great woman in Keely Shaye,” he gushed to PEOPLE. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t locate another one as good.

Smith agrees with these sentiments, stating, “He’s brilliant, fascinating, and his actual beauty emanates from the spirit.” in reference to Brosnan. And he is maturing gracefully, like a vintage wine.

In August 2020, he sent Keely a romantic photo from their wedding and the words, “Happy anniversary my love Keely…my brown-eyed darling, should I fall behind wait for me…as ever, my love.”

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