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Who Is Queen Of The South Based On? Here Are 3 Facts About The Smash TV Series Queen Of The South That You Probably Didn’t Know

Who Is Queen Of The South Based On

Who Is Queen Of The South Based On

The popularity of Queen of the South is unparalleled among television shows. In this article, we will talk about Who Is Queen Of The South Based On?

It’s common to think of narco bosses as cold-blooded killers who casually chop off the heads of their opponents and traitors. There aren’t many examples on TV of women leading drug cartels.

Teresa Mendoza, the protagonist of Queen of the South, leaves Sinaloa, Mexico, after the drug trafficker boyfriend she was seeing is killed. She plans to overthrow the drug lord who has been sent to assassinate her and in the process founds a formidable drug cartel.

The Southern heroine of “Queen of the South” may have been inspired by a historical figure, which may be a departure from your assumptions.

Who Is Queen Of The South Based On?

The culmination of many sources of creativity is Queen of the South. The show is based on the popular Spanish-language serial La Reina del Sur, which debuted on Telemundo in 2011 with 63 episodes and will return for a second, 60-episode season in 2019.

The 2002 novel of the same name by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte served as the basis for the telenovela adaptation.

Although a work of fiction, Pérez-novel Reverte’s was inspired by the life of real-life drug lord Marllory Chacón. A Guatemalan native, Chacón built a cocaine trafficking empire so powerful that she became known as the “Queen of the South.”

In the end, Chacón was apprehended and given a 12-year jail term in the United States for drug trafficking in 2015. However, in 2019, a federal judge reduced his sentence to five years, and he was released just five days later.

To cut a long story short, Queen of the South is, in fact, based on the life of Mallory Chacón.

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Sandra Avila, Another Notorious Drug Smuggler, Is Said To Be The Model For Teresa Mendoza

Cotton Vasquez, Marllory Chacon, and Vergara Hernandez were just a few of the women that rose to power in the Central American drug trade.

One of these ladies could have been an inspiration to Arturo. The life of Sandra Avila Beltran, often known as The Queen of the Pacific, is widely believed to be the inspiration for his novel.

Born to a former head of the Guadalajara Cartel, Beltran spent her childhood in the company of drug traffickers. She belonged to what the media called the “third generation” of drug smugglers.

She married two former police chiefs who are now involved in the drug trade. Their assassins took their lives.

After a four-year manhunt, Avila was finally apprehended in Mexico City. She said she was a housewife who made a modest living by renting out rooms in her home and selling clothes.

Beltran was charged with drug trafficking in Florida, where she pleaded guilty despite her denials. Sandra was found guilty of money laundering and sentenced to five years in prison, after which she was deported to Mexico. She was released from jail in 2015 and is now based in Guadalajara.

Arturo may have been influenced by any of the powerful women in the drug trade. It’s possible he got ideas from several sources.

Here Are 3 Tidbits About The Smash TV Series Queen Of The South That You Probably Didn’t Know

The Work Is Based On A Genuine Story, At Least Loosely

Marllory Chacón, dubbed “Queen of the South” by the Guatemalan press, is the real-life basis for the heroine of the novel La Reina del Sur. In 2014, she voluntarily turned herself into US authorities, and she is now doing time in prison.

The Lead Actress’s First Major Television Job

Alice Braga, who plays Teresa Mendoza, has been acting since 1998 and has starred in a number of films, including one with Will Smith.

Source: Newsweek

However, before her breakout appearance on the American crime thriller Queen of the South, she had only starred in a small number of Brazilian television shows.

Season 5 Will Be The Last Season

Season 5 of Queen of the South, which began in 2016, has been confirmed as the series’ final installment following a successful five-year run.

And now, thanks to OSN, you can see Teresa fully accept her Queenpin position and all the perks that come with it. As a result, she will have to make some difficult choices, particularly concerning the people closest to her, and the audience will be there to witness it. Additionally, she keeps trying to increase her level of authority.

Watch the latest episode of Queen of the South on OSN now to find out what happens in the series’ final season. The OSN iOS app is another viewing option.

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