Who is Rachel Hollis Dating After The Divorce With Dave Hollis?

The well-known American author, blogger, and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis has enthralled audiences with her powerful message and compelling novels. Fans frequently inquire about her personal life, particularly her current relationship situation, despite the fact that her professional achievements have received widespread recognition. This article dives into Rachel Hollis’ past relationships and looks into her current relationships.

Who is Rachel Hollis Dating?

Cez Darke, who first showed up on Rachel Hollis’ Instagram in July 2021, is her boyfriend, according to The List. The curly-haired man’s distinguishing features led followers to believe that despite the fact that his face was hidden, it was Cez. A later image, posted in October 2021, offered a better look at the duo and demonstrated their innate affinity.

Who is Rachel Hollis Dating After The Divorce With Dave Hollis?

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Who is Cez Darke?

On May 23, 2022, Cez Darke’s birthday, Rachel Hollis disclosed that he is British in a touching Instagram post. Hollis showed off their playful interaction by calling him her “second favorite Brit.” Their relationship gained a new dimension as a result of this information, which also demonstrated their compatibility and sense of humor.

Cez Darke is a native of the UK who has experience in the music and touring industries. He has worked with well-known performers like Shawn Mendes, Robert Plant, and Rita Ora throughout his time as a tour manager. Despite the demands of his job, Darke’s love of adventure and music fits in well with Rachel Hollis’ active way of life.

Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis Divorce

Rachel Hollis became well-known because of her self-help books, including “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing.” She documented her story, which included being married to Dave Hollis, with her fans as she rose to fame. Before formally divorcing in 2020, the couple was married for 16 years after meeting in Los Angeles. They adopted a fourth kid and had three biological children during their marriage.

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