Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating? Rebel Wilson Is Launching ‘Fluid’ Dating App

Do you want to know Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating? On November 4th, 2022, news broke that the Pitch Perfect actress and her seven-month boyfriend had both gotten rings for their left-hand ring fingers. In a subsequent Instagram Story, Wilson promptly shot down the rumors, rejecting an engagement while posting a photo of himself and Agruma smiling broadly at Disneyland.

I mean, who is Wilson’s actual muse? Although she hasn’t been shy about showing off her exes on her official Instagram account, the Australian comedian has kept her past relationships under wraps (or letting the world know about her breakups). Her dating and relationship history is detailed here.

Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating?

Wilson’s relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agruma was made public in early June of 2022.

“I was on the lookout for a Disney Prince, or so I imagined. Maybe all along, a Disney Princess was what I needed. #loveislove, “She labeled an image of herself and Agruma.

Before Wilson made the Instagram announcement, no one knew that she and Agruma were dating, despite the fact that Wilson had brought Agruma as her date to the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Wilson has not acknowledged or dismissed speculations that she is dating professional tennis player Matt Reid. The Australian actress has been linked to actor-producer Mickey Gooch Jr., stuntman Aden Stay, and Beacher Media Group CEO Jeff Beacher. However, she has been cagey about discussing her former relationships.

Neither Reid nor Wilson has addressed the rumors of their connection publicly, though Wilson did make a humorous Instagram remark in February during the 2022 Super Bowl about “playing the field.” The caption on her post said, “I don’t generally ‘play the field,’ buuuut yesterday was different?????????.” She went on to congratulate the Los Angeles Rams on their historic victory.

Wilson and Agruma went to the 2022 U.S. Open hand-in-hand in August.

On August 29, 2022, in Queens, New York City, Rebel Wilson and his girlfriend Ramona Agruma went to see Serena Williams of the United States win the first round of the US Open 2022, the fourth Grand Slam of the season.

Agruma and Wilson dressed up as Barbies (and one Ken) and attended a Halloween party hosted by Casamigos Tequila in 2022.

On October 28, 2022, in Los Angeles, celebrities Marissa Montgomery, Carly Steel, Rebel Wilson, Ramona Agruma, and Jacob Andreou were spotted at the return of the Casamigos Halloween Party.

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Who Is Ramona Agruma?

Who Is Rebel Wilson DatingSource: POPSUGAR

Ramona Agruma is Wilson’s current girlfriend. Agruma hails from Riga, Latvia, and works in the fashion industry. She is the creator of the eco-friendly apparel line Lemon Ve Limon, which features goods like $229 zip-up hoodies and $175 sweatpants.

Turkey is the country of origin where the “finest textiles and environmentally friendly dyes” are used to make the apparel. She also established and headed the design for the jewelry line DeLys.

Agruma and Wilson have also designed their own apparel brand together, R & R Club, which consists of white embroidered sweatshirts for the time being.

The couple decided to capitalize on the rumors of their engagement by announcing their partnership on the same day that they became public.

As of this writing in February of 2023, Agruma is predicted to be between the ages of 36 and 42. While the year of her birth hasn’t been confirmed, her actual birthdate is January 28. According to her birth certificate, Wilson’s 42 years on this planet began on March 2, 1980. Wilson’s actual age was disputed in court because the actress had always said she was six years younger.

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Rebel Wilson Is Launching ‘Fluid’ Dating App

Rebel Wilson is on a mission to assist in the discovery of “love with no labels.”

The star of “Pitch Perfect” discussed the release of her dating app, “Fluid,” with People magazine.

“This is the first dating app where you don’t have to truly identify yourself or tick a box to say ‘I’m straight, ‘I’m gay, or ‘I’m bisexual,’ and you don’t have to specify what you are looking for,” Wilson, who is in a relationship with Ramona Agruma, told the outlet.

Below is the tweet from Rebel Wilson’s official account confirming the launch of her dating app:

She remarked, “What’s really nice is it’s open to everyone.” Maybe you’re in the same boat as I was and want to broaden your dating options. Even if you don’t identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I think you’d have a great time with this app because of how inclusive it is.

Wilson is credited as a primary developer on the app. Several people were taken aback when she admitted in June 2022 that she was seeing Agruma, a jewelry and clothing designer.

The celebrity, who previously said she “never thought” she was “100 percent straight,” now claims she wishes the app had been available much earlier.

“This would have been a huge help, and I might have found a woman’s profile and thought, ‘OK, maybe I really want to message her.'” As Wilson put it. I would have joined Fluid since there is no requirement to define yourself in any certain way. Finding common ground is as simple as looking for common ground. For me, it’s always been about the person, regardless of their gender.

Downloads of the app are expected to go live later this month.

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