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Who Is Richard Gere Wife? Everything To Know About Alejandra Silva

Despite having a 33-year age gap, Richard Gere and Richard Gere Wife Alejandra Silva married and announced their intentions to raise a family in 2018.

The first pregnancy announcement featured a shot of the Dalai Lama rubbing his hands together in blessing over Silva’s growing belly. Nine months after the birth of their son, the couple shared the exciting news that they were expecting again.

An insider said  at the time that the pair was “extraordinarily happy.”

They are really happy with each other and are looking forward to their future together, the source said.

On January 17, 2023, the pair attended a special screening of Richard Gere’s film Maybe I Do in New York City, and they appeared to be quite at ease with one another. During their photo session, the two were seen holding hands and cuddling up to one another.

Which begs the question: who is Richard Gere’s leading lady? This article contains detailed information about the actor’s third wife, Alejandra Silva.

In Spain, Richard Gere Wife Is Leading The Struggle Against Homelessness With Her Charity

To end homelessness in Spain completely within five years, Silva founded and directs the non-profit organization Rais Fundacion (the word “rais” means roots in Spanish). The activist frequently gives interviews related to her work, and in 2015, she told Hola! that she had gone to great lengths to learn about the hardships endured by the homeless in her nation.

Silva remarked, “I’ve slept on the street to know the plight of the homeless. “I have no qualms about getting my hands dirty and getting to work. When I do something, I give it my all. If I can’t do it, I don’t want to try.”

Alejandra Silva Father Is A Wealthy Entrepreneur And Soccer Club Owner

The elder Silva’s father, Ignacio Silva Botas, served as vice president of Real Madrid, the Spanish soccer club, from 1995 until 2000. Once upon a time, Botas was a prosperous businessman who took his family to Madrid, where Silva would later be born.

While growing up, Silva moved into Madrid’s upper-class circles and attended prestigious private schools. As a result of her father’s connections, she had strong relationships with several Real Madrid players, including Roberto Carlos, whom she was said to be dating.

From A Young Age, Alejandra Silva Was Friends With Gere

Silva claimed she felt like the stars were aligned for her and the Pretty Woman actress. When asked by Hola! in 2015, the campaigner said that she had known Gere for over a decade and that he was a family friend. Silva claimed that their instant chemistry after reuniting after a long separation was undeniable.

She explained that their “karma was drawn” the instant they met. I’m not disregarding the fact that we’re decades apart and the pressures that come with dating a Hollywood A-lister, but when the karmic energy is this strong, everything else seems to fade away.

Long Distance Was The Norm In Their Relationship

In 2015, Silva discussed her relationship with Gere, a long-distance actor, stating that they would visit one other when their respective ex-spouses had custody of their children.

It’s tough to schedule, but we try not to let 20 days pass between our visits, she told Hola!

Alejandra Silva Moved To New York To Be Closer To Gere

Silva eventually relocated to New York to be with Gere after they had been long-distance partners for some time. They share a wall with the legendary Martha Stewart.

Source: People

After seeing a demonstration of Stewart’s caramel mile-high cake on Today, Gere contacted her up and asked for the cake itself. When filming was finished, she took the cake to his family as a thank you.

It Was In 2018 That They Tied The Knot

After reuniting in 2014 and starting a relationship soon after, Gere secretly wed the Spanish activist in April 2018.

During the month of May, Gere and Silva continued their wedding festivities by hosting a Cinco de Mayo party at Gere’s residence in Pound Ridge, New York. They invited several Tibetan monks to the party, a source said, because the two are both Buddhists. Two of Silva’s outfits were made especially for the event.

One Thing They Have In Common Is A Passion For Social Change Work

They both share a passion for activism. In December 2017, the organization screened Gere’s film The Dinner to raise money for Rais, and Gere frequently attends such events with his wife, Silva. With a hearty Hola! One of the many things that attracted her to Gere was his kind nature.

“He has a kind heart, and that’s what I admire most about him,” she said. He has a great deal of compassion, they said.

Instagram is where she flaunts her affection for Gere with a series of adorable couple shots.

Silva tweets pictures of herself and her boyfriend, actor Richard Gere, alongside posts about her charitable activities.

“I am very lucky to have you as a friend because you have [shaken] my world and helped me focus on what is truly important. Undeniable! care deeply about you, “the 2017 birthday tribute she penned for Gere.

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