Who Is Rickey Smiley? What Caused The Death Of Rickey Smiley’s Son, Brandon Smiley?

In this article, we will read about Who Is Rickey Smiley? Brandon Smiley, son of actor and comedian Rickey Smiley, just passed away.

Ever since Rickey Smiley has been inconsolable at the loss of his kid, the former “Rickey Smiley Show” host announced the “terrible news” on Sunday via his official Instagram account.

“I hate to announce this, but I just want to offer it to you before you hear it on the streets,” he wrote. The death of my son Brandon Smiley occurred this morning.

As the comedian broke the news to his followers, they began leaving messages of condolence on his account. Smiley did not say how old his son was or what caused his death. Smley requested prayers for himself and his loved ones as he was getting ready to leave for the airport.

Simply pray, remain strong, and know that I am well; that’s all he asked of his many distant cousins and other relatives. Please pray for me while I care for Brandon and his mother, and his siblings.

Who Is Rickey Smiley?

American actor and comedian Rickey Smiley, 54, is the father of five. D’Essence Elizabeth, now 25, Malik Smiley, 21, and Aaryn Smiley, 32, are his biological children. It was at this time that he took in Craig Smiley as his own.

Rickey Smiley’s children’s mother and the circumstances surrounding his split from her remain largely unknown.

While breaking the news of his oldest son Brandon’s passing, he did say that Brenda would be taking care of her grandson.

Rockey disclosed his 12-year marriage to Brenda on the Panic Room podcast. When pressed further, he claimed that his wife had not cheated on him but added that he was a “different kind of guy” than she was.

It’s unfortunate that Rickey and his family have had to deal with tragedy before. His daughter Aaryn was shot and killed in Houston, Texas, in the year 2020. When the gunfire started, she and her boyfriend were on their way to dinner.

Aaryn later explained the situation on social media, saying, “The bullets that went through my legs were armored rifle bullets made to go through anything (how they got through the car); however, the one that would have hit me in the head was not that sort and ended up lodged in the car.” How thankful I am to be alive right now is beyond words.

What Caused The Death Of Rickey Smiley’s Son, Brandon Smiley?

Rickey Smiley has been silent about his son Brandon’s tragic demise. When asked about his feelings of loss, Smiley responded, “Now I realize what my granddaddy went through and why he felt the way he felt.”

Who Is Rickey SmileySource: 11alive

What my granddaddy went through with my dad, I am now experiencing with my own parents. Please say some prayers for us.

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