Who Is Riley Keough: Who Is Her Husband?

Who Is Riley Keough? American actress Riley Keough is well-known and has a lot of experience. She perhaps gained the most notoriety from her role in the television show “The Girlfriend Experience.” She is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley and the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, and she has already established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Elvis Presley was her grandpa. Michael Jackson, the late singer and dancer, gave her his daughter’s name through adoption. Riley Keough, who is the subject of this discussion, is mentioned in this material.

Who Is Riley Keough

When Riley Keough was only 15 years old, she began her career in modelling. She was on the cover of Vogue’s American issue that year and walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana’s autumn/winter 2004 ready-to-wear show (2004).

Riley Keough appeared on the covers of Elle Japan, Vogue Korea, and Jalouse France in 2005 after participating in the Christian Dior ready-to-wear show for the Spring/Summer 2005 collection. Riley Keough additionally had an appearance in the Christian Dior ad campaign (2005). Riley Keough, who debuted in the film industry at the age of 20, had a supporting role in the musical biography The Runaways. Marie Currie was the name of her persona.

In addition to the Steven Soderbergh comedy Magic Mike, Riley Keough has been in the independent thriller The Good Doctor, the horror movie Jack & Diane, and other roles. Since then, she has played roles in numerous films and has been nominated for and won a number of acting accolades.

Her main claim to fame is not because she is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough and the granddaughter of Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley, but rather that her parents and grandparents are well-known. The news of Riley Keough’s mother Lisa Marie Presley’s dying on January 12 of 2023 immediately went throughout the world. To find out who her husband is, read the paragraph after this one.

Who Is The Husband Of Riley Keough?

Ben Smith-Petersen, an Australian stuntman, and Riley Keough have been married since 2015. The actress, who is the daughter of singer Lisa Marie Presley and guitarist Danny Keough, first met Smith-Petersen in 2012 while filming Mad Max: Fury Road. The two began dating while in Australia for further scene filming a year after they first met on stage.

Who Is The Husband Of Riley Keough?
Who Is The Husband Of Riley Keough?

Quickly falling in love, Keough and the Australian stuntman confirmed their engagement in 2014. After more than a year of dating, the couple wed in February 2015. My partner is such a great person, Keough said in a 2022 article for Vogue Australia. He is dependable, emotionally attuned, robust, and unwavering. He is, to put it simply, my best buddy.

In January 2023, Smith-Petersen represented her and went to Presley’s burial. He and his wife excitedly announced the birth of a baby girl in reaction to Keough’s news. Smith-Petersen wanted her daughter to have the same level of parental affection that she and her brothers had. To learn more about Smith-Petersen, continue reading.

When Did Smith-Oetersen And Riley Keough First Connect?

The two actors finally had the chance to interact with one another when filming Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, which both Keough and Smith-Petersen had roles in. At this stage in their careers, the two performers had never previously worked together on a project. Immortan Joe’s blind musician, the Doof Warrior, was portrayed by Smith-Petersen, and one of Joe’s five wives, Capably, was portrayed by Keough.

Immortan Joe was the actor who portrayed both of these people. The two characters in this story are portrayed by Immortan Joe. Keough, the actor who also performed the part of the other, gave life to both of these contrasting characters.

After they had returned from reshooting the film in Australia, Keough and Smith-Petersen started dating. While making the movie, Smith-Petersen and Keough became friends. Keough and Smith-Petersen both put in time and effort on the project.

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