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Who Is Roy Kent Based On? Is Ted Lasso Character Roy Kent Based On Roy Keane?

Who Is Roy Kent Based On

Who Is Roy Kent Based On

Laugh-out-loud sports drama from the United States In Ted Lasso, an American college football coach is recruited by an English squad named AFC Richmond. In this article, we will read about Who Is Roy Kent Based On?

The show was a smashing success, earning rave reviews and breaking an Emmys record for most nominations for a debut comedy.

Lasso is portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, and AFC Richmond is captained by Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), a box-to-box midfielder in the twilight of his career.

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Kent is aggressive and has a reputation for having a short fuse, just like former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, but is the Irishman the ideal role model? Goal investigates…

Who Is Roy Kent Based On?

Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent was clearly influenced by the legendary ballplayer Roy Keane. Kent is well-liked by his colleagues and joined AFC Richmond near the end of his career after previously playing for Chelsea and winning the UEFA Champions League.

Similar to Keane’s role as captain for Manchester United, Kent has the same position for his squad. They both have nearly identical physiques and hang out around the park’s hub as they play.

Co-creator Brendan Hunt has stated that Keane’s fight with Mick McCarthy, which led to Keane’s exclusion from the Ireland squad before the 2002 World Cup, played a significant role in the development of Kent’s personality.

“Our introduction to the beautiful game occurred during two eras: the golden age of Manchester United and the Roy Keane soap opera that was the 2002 World Cup. And even though I was not and am not a Man United supporter, I could not help but be captivated by Roy Keane “According to what Hunt reported on the Irish radio station Spin 103.8.

“During the development of the show, we asked, “We know that Ted is lovely, what is an existent football character that he would have to deal with?” To top it all off, he has to deal with the human downer Roy Keane.”

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How Did The Name Roy Kent Come Up?

In the script’s early stages, Roy Kent was merely a working title. However, the moniker eventually remained.

“As the filming date drew nearer, I remarked, “Guys, he’s still named Roy Kent, we’re not going to maintain his name Roy Kent, right?” In other words, we’re going to alter it. Also, “Why would we modify it?” they ask. The famous Roy Kent, “Hunted down and exposed.

Source: Den Of Geek

Kent follows in Keane’s footsteps by becoming an assistant manager at Lasso at Richmond once he hangs up his football boots and pursues a career in football coaching.

To that end, Keane has worked as an assistant manager for the Irish national side since 2013, and subsequently for Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest. In addition, after retiring, both characters worked as football commentators for a while.

Brett Goldstein Made An Unexpected Appearance On The Broadcast

Goldstein recently talked to Vulture about the origins of his no-nonsense character Roy and the success of Ted Lasso. In the interview, Goldstein explained that he was hired for the first season as a writer but quickly recognized he had the potential to portray Roy as well.

The actor said that he was hesitant to advocate for himself because he believed that no one would cast him in an aggressive role because he had been “typecast up to that point,” with most of his previous performances being more gentle.

Goldstein went on to explain that on his final day of writing the script, he taped five scenes of his ideal character and emailed them to Bill Lawrence, one of the show’s creators. He mentally prepared a disclaimer about how embarrassing it would be but was pleasantly pleased when Lawrence responded warmly and cast him.

Goldstein further, says that despite all his fury, Roy has a “true gentleness underneath,” and that he related to Roy’s rage and melancholy in the show’s beginning.

Goldstein has written a number of episodes for the hit show, including what many fans consider to be the best episode ever, which focused on the problems in the marriage of the eternal optimist Ted.

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