Who Is Sean Hannity Dating? Why Won’t Sean Hannity Admit To Dating Ainsley Earhardt?

Sean Hannity is not afraid to ask difficult questions on his Fox News show, but he is reluctant to discuss his private life. Because of how private Hannity is, the news of his divorce from Jill Rhodes did not become public knowledge until after the divorce was finalized. After more than 20 years of marriage, the pair has decided to divorce in 2020. Let’s find out Who Is Sean Hannity Dating.

Who Is Sean Hannity Dating?

Two of Hannity’s closest pals reportedly have confirmed to Vanity Fair that Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt are an item. Another story claims the two started dating in 2019, the year of their respective divorces. Further fuel for the rumor mill is the fact that they were spotted together at a public event in 2020.

According to the sources, they both acted like a couple in a variety of social settings. Their involvement was obvious to me. ‘I saw it while we were all gathered,’ recalled one of the Fox employees. As it came out that Earhardt had filmed the pandemic episodes of Fox & Friends from Hannity’s basement, rumors about their relationship heated up.

In 2020, when speculation about their relationship was at its height, Earhardt denied dating Hannity. “Right now, I am focused on parenting my daughter, and I am not dating anyone,” she told Vanity Fair. Anyone who works at Fox News can attest to Sean’s greatness as a human being and the luck of his future date.

I don’t share my personal life in public,” Hannity said when asked the same thing. The Fox News employee who responded implied the reports may be genuine by saying, “He’s extremely private because he’s very famous and he’s very controversial, but it’s been an open secret that they have been seeing each other.”

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Who Is Ainsley Earhardt?

Who Is Sean Hannity Dating

Similar to her rumored lover, Earhardt enjoys widespread attention from conservative media outlets. She studied journalism at USC and earned a degree there. She became a co-host on Fox & Friends after joining Fox News in 2007.

She had been employed by KENS-TV in San Antonio, Texas, for two years before to then. In addition to her work on America’s News Headquarters, she has been on Fox & Friends Weekends, Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve, and as a co-host on Fox & Friends Weekends.

The Fox & Friends co-host is a divorced man with two children. Her 2005 wedding to Kevin McKinney ended in divorce two years later. After seven years of marriage, she ended things with Will Proctor in 2019.

Hayden is the name of their daughter. The pairing of Hannity and Earhardt is not completely out of the question, but neither party has come out and said they’re dating. From what we can tell, here is what has happened.

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