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Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating Now: After His Breakup With Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney Is Dating Someone New

Who is Taylor Kinney dating

Who is Taylor Kinney dating

Following the termination of his long-term romance with Lady Gaga in 2016, Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire has been unusually private about his personal life. so, Who is Taylor Kinney dating?

In March of 2022, though, he made things Instagram official with his new girlfriend. Fans were left curious about the mystery woman when the actor shared a photo of her on social media.

Who Is Taylor Kinney?

U.S.-born Taylor Kinney is worth $8 million as an actor and model. Taylor Kinney is best known for her roles in the films Zero Dark Thirty and The Other Woman, as well as the television, shows Chicago Fire and Trauma.

Source: hellomagazine

Taylor Jackson Kinney is the son of Pamela Heisler, a dental hygienist, and Daniel Kinney, a banker. He was born on July 15, 1981. After his parents divorced, his mother raised him and his three brothers in Neffsville, Pennsylvania.

Kinney completed his high school education at Lancaster Mennonite School. He earned a business management degree from West Virginia University. His interest in acting blossomed throughout his time at West Virginia University.

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Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating?

Taylor attended a charity event in Utah with his new girlfriend, Ashley Cruger, on his arm a month after publishing a picture of the two of them online. Their very public demonstrations of passion on camera reveal that things are fairly hot and heavy between the two, removing any doubt that they are serious.

Taylor and Ashley’s relationship date is unknown, however many believe it began around the fall of 2021. We can confirm that Ashley is a working model, but she, like her partner, prefers to keep their private lives out of the spotlight.

Ashley is presently represented by BMG Model Management in Chicago, where her portfolio may be found in the women’s lifestyle models section. Taylor’s Chicago Fire is filmed in the city, thus it’s likely that she resides there.

Since 2019, when he was seen kissing an unnamed woman at the Columbia Kettleworks Taproom in Pennsylvania, the Chicago Fire actor has not been romantically linked to anyone. The Daily Mail reported, citing a source: “Taylor grew up around here in Lancaster, so we see him from time to time.”

I know a couple of his friends, but I have no idea who the woman is, they continued. “They were already in the middle of a passionate kiss when he started it. It appeared that she was having a good time.”

Though Taylor chose to keep that particular meeting under wraps, he is not a stranger to having his romantic exploits on display. One of his earliest high-profile partnerships was with a global superstar.

Taylor Kinney Was Previously Engaged To Lady Gaga

When Taylor Kinney was cast in Lady Gaga’s music video for “Yoü and I” back in 2011, that’s when they first met. Quickly after filming concluded, the couple began dating in real life, proving that the chemistry they shared on set could transcend to the real world.

“It was a fun time. When asked about the footage in an interview with Andy Cohen for Chicago P.D. in 2015, the actor responded, “I think there was chemistry” (as reported by ABC News). There was a late shoot, I believe, and I recall that it was really late.

We didn’t stop filming until the wee hours of the morning, maybe 4 or 5. In a nutshell, we shared knowledge with one another. There was a period of a few weeks where we stayed in touch, and then it was over.

Soon after they began dating, the pair made their romance public by sharing photos of themselves together on social media and making public appearances. Unlike Lady Gaga, who was constantly gushing about her love for the Shameless star, Kinney kept very quiet about their relationship.

A 2014 interview with Howard Stern revealed that the “Poker Face” singer gushed about the latter, saying, “He is the ideal guy” (as reported by People). To paraphrase, “I get the impression. I have an innate sense of its truth. The person I’m with right now is the only person I can picture myself with.

On Valentine’s Day of 2015, Kinney proposed with a beautiful diamond in the shape of a heart. On Valentine’s Day, he gave me his heart, and I answered “Yes!” Lady Gaga made the announcement in an Instagram post.

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