Who is Tiger Woods Dating? Why Did Erica File a Lawsuit Against Tiger?

Tiger and the woman from Florida, who is almost ten years younger than him, made their relationship official at the Presidents Cup in Jersey City, New Jersey, in September 2017. There, she was seen wearing a badge that said “Player Spouse.” Let’s have a look at “Who is Tiger Woods Dating.” 

Who is Tiger Woods Dating?

Tiger Woods is not dating anyone at the time of writing this article. Tiger Woods, whose real name is Eldrick Tont Woods, hasn’t had as much luck in love as he has on the golf course, but when he started dating Erica Herman, he seemed to have met his match.

After dating for years and after Tiger’s scary rollover car accident in February 2021, the couple broke up. Here is all the information we have about Tiger’s girlfriend.

When Did Tiger and Erica Begin Dating?

Page Six says that Erica met the athlete for the first time when she was a student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. She went to UCF to study political science because she wanted to be a lawyer. She worked at the Blue Martini to help pay for college. Tiger was a customer there, but they didn’t become close until after she graduated.

Erica Sued Tiger for Being Rude

Erica sued Tiger’s homestead trust in October 2022, saying that he was breaking the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act. According to court documents obtained, Erica said that she and the athlete lived together in his Hobe Sound, Florida, home for the duration of their relationship. She said that she gave him “valuable services” in exchange for living in his home rent-free.

The tweet below shows “Tigerwoods’ Ex-girlfriend Erica Herman Has Accused the Golf Star of Tricking Her Into Leaving His Florida Mansion.”

She also said that they had an “oral tenancy agreement” that let her stay in the house for another five years.

Erica wants to get more than $30 million in damages. The Trust replied to her claims by asking that the dispute be settled in private, saying that the ex-non-disclosure couple’s agreement says that “any and all disputes, claims, or controversies… of any kind or nature whatsoever” must be “resolved by confidential binding arbitration.”

Erica asked a court to throw out the NDA that Tiger made her sign when they started dating in August 2017.

Erica says that the Speak Out Act, which lets people get out of contracts when there is proof of sexual assault or harassment, should make the NDA unenforceable.

Tiger Woods’s Dating History

Who is Tiger Woods Dating

Tiger Woods’s past relationships are well known.

In 2009, there were rumors that he had cheated on his wife of many years, Elin Nordegren, with Rachel Uchitel.

Rachel ran a nightclub, and Woods wanted to keep his relationship with her a secret from his family and the rest of the world, so she signed an NDA.

The fact that he was in a relationship with her probably cost him a lot of fans and hurt his reputation. But he is still one of the best golfers who has ever played.

Since he split up with Nordegren, he’s been with a lot of different women.

He was with Lindsey Vonn for a few years before they broke up. Later, he started dating Kristin Smith, who owned the company CLAD Life. They were together for about two years.

He is with Herman right now, and they have been together for four years. Even though there is no sign that they will get married, this is Woods’ longest relationship since his divorce.

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