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Who Is Tom Ackerley? Everything You Need To Know About Margot Robbie’s Husband

Tom Ackerley

Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie and British film producer Tom Ackerley began dating in 2013 and tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2016.

In 2013, while working on the set of the World War II drama Suite Française, the two met for the first time. At the time, he was an assistant director, and she was a member of the cast. They didn’t start dating until the following year, and they finally got married in 2016.

After getting married, the two started working together. In 2014, the trio formed a production firm with their friends Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr. Robbie has appeared in multiple films and TV shows produced by LuckyChap Entertainment, including me, Tonya, and Birds of Prey.

Robbie and Ackerley live an extremely discreet life together, with only sporadic mentions of their relationship in interviews. In addition, the two are rarely seen in public together, but they are occasionally spotted separately.

The couple was spotted on November 27th, 2022, at a Los Angeles Christmas tree lot. Ackerley was observed following behind Robbie as he carried a little tree.

Who, then, is the husband of the Oscar-winning actress? What follows is a comprehensive guide to Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie’s history together.

Tom Ackerley Also Works In Movies

Ackerley may have been born in the United Kingdom, but he has always considered Hollywood to be his true professional home. Films like The Brothers Grimsby and Macbeth (2015) benefitted from his skills as an assistant director and producer.

Prior to that, he worked in the film industry as a crew member on films including “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” “Rush,” and “War Horse.” Together with Robbie, he established the production business LuckyChap Entertainment in 2014, and the company has since produced films such as I, Tonya, Hulu’s Dollface, and the forthcoming Promising Young Woman.

He and his producing partner Josey McNamara were recognized as two of Variety’s “10 Producers to Watch” in 2018.

Robbie discussed her and Ackerley’s business in an interview with Mirror. LuckyCap Entertainment was founded by some of our closest friends, and the teamwork and camaraderie among us have only improved over time. Our teamwork is second to none. Count me among the lucky ones.

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Margot And Tom Ackerley Became Friends During Filming

It just so happens that Ackerley and Robbie met in the film business. She told the Australian publication The Daily Telegraph that they had met on the set of the 2014 film Suite Française. S

he also spoke about the challenges they overcame at the beginning of their relationship when she was constantly on the road filming and he was settled in London.

Source: The Grazia Daily

That you don’t let more than three weeks pass between seeing each other is the most useful thing I’ve learned from other couples in this field, she told the site. When you’re in a long-distance relationship and things seem hopeless, it’s important to remember that there is hope.

The three-week rule is essential since it can cause mental disturbances. The first time the two were seen together was in February 2015 at a New York Rangers game.

They Had A Surprise Wedding

Robbie and Ackerley got married on the Gold Coast of Australia in December 2016. The two did not share news of their engagement with anyone until after the ceremony.

The Wolf of Wall Street star confirmed the news with a humorous Instagram image in which she gave a kiss to her husband and displayed a ring on her finger, putting an end to suspicions that the couple had secretly tied the knot.

With Robbie, Tom Ackerley Established A Producing Firm

Ackerley and Robbie began dating and opening a business together in the same year. In 2014, the duo founded LuckyChap Entertainment alongside Robbie’s boyhood friend Kerr and Ackerley’s business associate McNamara, who also contributed to Suite Française.

While building their company, the four friends shared a London apartment. Today, their company is responsible for such critically acclaimed films as I, Tonya, and Promising Young Woman, as well as television shows like Dollface on Hulu.

In 2020, Ackerley discussed their plans to create films with an emphasis on women and to give a platform to new voices in an interview with MovieMaker magazine.

“If we can be a firm that curates fresh and developing talent, and can bring them through and provide that platform to make bigger movies and studio blockbusters, that’s ideally what we want to do,” he explained.

It’s good to work with folks you’re going to spend the rest of your lives with, Robbie said of her co-founders.

Together, In November 2022, They Attended The Governors Awards Party

On Saturday, November 19th, Robbie and Ackerley went to Los Angeles to celebrate at the Post Governors Awards Party hosted by Paramount Pictures. The actress is currently doing press for her new picture, Babylon, which centers on the Roaring Twenties and Hollywood’s departure from silent filmmaking.

At the Sunset Tower Hotel dinner hosted by President & CEO Brian Robbins, Robbie wore a stunning emerald green satin column cutout gown by Bottega Veneta. In this ensemble, the ruched edges of the bodice and skirt were held together by a gold tie, revealing her stomach. Ackerley was attired in an old-school black suit and bow tie.

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