Who is True Story Based on: Is It Based On Kevin Hart’s Real Life?

Who is True Story Based on: Kevin, 42, stars as the protagonist character in the Netflix limited series drama The Kid, which follows a stand-up comic who gets into major problems after a night out on the town in his native Philadelphia.

After that, the story takes a wild ride as The Kid tries to clean up the mess while under the microscope.

What Is True Story

Kevin Hart, everyone’s favorite member of the Jumanji cast, has joined forces with Blade star and Hollywood legend Wesley Snipes for the smash hit series True Story on Netflix.

Internationally renowned stand-up comedian The Kid (Hart) has returned to his native Philadelphia, and he’s a star now.

The Kid is back in his hometown and ready for a wild night out with his elder, less successful brother Carlton (Snipes).

But things take a disturbing turn the next morning when Carlton wakes The Kid and he discovers the woman in the bed with him has died.

What happens next is a potpourri of murder, comedy, tragedy, and betrayal.

Just how close are these to actual occurrences?

True Story is a work of fiction, despite the fact that the title implies otherwise, yet it is based in part on Kevin Hart’s real life.

Here, therefore, is all you wanted to know about True Story, and more besides.

Who Is True Story Based On

Who is True Story Based on? True Story may have some elements of Kevin Hart’s real life, but it is mostly a work of fiction.

The Kid, like Hart, is a famous stand-up comic who tours the world to sold-out crowds and earns $25 million (£19 million) to co-star with Chris Hemsworth in superhero movies.

Kevin, like The Kid, is from Philadelphia and has been through a highly publicized divorce from his first wife Torrei Hart. While the comedian in real life has four kids, including 14-year-old son Hendrix, his fictional character has a son named Christian who looks a lot like Hendrix.

The parallels, however, end there, as The Kid’s character becomes extremely sinister, committing numerous murders and displaying a strong rage.

Who Is Kevin Hart

One of the highest-paid entertainers in the world, Kevin Hart is an American comedian, producer, spokesman, and actor. Kevin Hart is worth $450 million at the time of this writing.

Kevin made $90 million from various sources between August 2015 and August 2016, including tours, movies, merchandising, sponsorships, and more.

From June 2017 to June 2018, Kevin’s income was $60,000,000. During the 12 months between June 2018 and June 2019, he made an additional $60 million. He made $40 million in the subsequent 12 months.

Who is True Story Based onSource: Radio Times

Moreover, As of the 6th of July, 1979, Kevin Hart has been a resident of Philadelphia, PA. Nancy reared Kevin and his older brother Robert. At Penn, she was a systems analyst in the department of student registration and finances.

Hart completed his high school education at George Washington. After a brief stint at the Community College of Philadelphia, he transferred to New York University and eventually settled in the Boston region. After school, he got a job as a shoe salesman.

Hart first got his start in the comedy business when he participated in an amateur night at a club in the Philadelphia area. In Philadelphia, at a venue called The Laff House, he made his performance debut. Sadly, he did not find instant success.

Moreover, Hart’s first comedy tour, “I’m a Grown Little Man,” took place in 2009. Subsequent tours included “Seriously Funny,” “Laugh at My Pain,” and “Let Me Explain,” all of which he performed at various venues across the world. Both of the latter were made into full-length movies that were shown in theatres.

Hart’s “What Now?” tour started in Texas in April of 2015. Universal Pictures confirmed in July of that year that they would be releasing “Kevin Hart: What Now?” in theatres on October 14, 2016.

Clearly, “Hart’s Real Life Has Not Lacked for Drama.”

The New York Times observes that while “True Story” is partly fictitious, “Hart’s real life has not lacked for drama,” despite the fact that the series departs from the humorous styles for which Kevin has been known.

They talk about how he’s only two years past the vehicle crash that sent him to the hospital and needed him to undergo rehabilitation.

There was the Academy Awards incident, which led to his stepping down as host, and the actor has detailed how this event affected him. This happened because of certain homophobic comments he posted.

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