Who Was Fred Hampton: How Did He Die?

Who Was Fred Hampton? Hampton had a tight relationship with George Clements, a Black Catholic priest in Chicago who served as both a mentor and chaplain for the neighbourhood Panther group. How about Fred Hampton?

When Hampton and the Panthers were being closely watched or were being chased by the police, they would seek refuge at Clements’ Holy Angels Catholic Church in Chicago.

They also made sure that many of Clements’ “Black Unity Masses,” which were a part of the revolutionary actions he took during the Black Catholic Movement, were safe. At Hampton’s funeral, Clements gave a eulogy. He also led a Requiem Mass at Holy Angels in Hampton’s honour.


Who Was Fred Hampton

American activist Fredrick Allen Hampton Sr. On August 30, 1948, he was born, and on December 4, 1969, he died. During his stay in Chicago, he became well-known as the vice-chairman of the national Black Panther Party and the head of the Illinois branch.

In order to help the major Chicago street gangs stop fighting and work for social change, he founded the antiracist and anti-classist Rainbow Coalition, a well-known multicultural political group that at first included the Black Panthers, Young Patriots (which organised poor whites), and the Young Lords (which organised Hispanics).

As a forward-thinking African American, he took action in this role. [Reference required] A well-known multicultural political group called Rainbow Coalition [Cit Considering fascism to be the greatest threat, Marxist-Leninist Hampton asserted that “there is nothing more crucial than defeating fascism as fascism would halt us all.”

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A Murder Committed Against Fred Hampton

In 1969, Chicago police and FBI snitch William O’Neal entered the Illinois Black Panther Party. (ILBPP). O’Neal, Hampton’s friend and bodyguard, was in charge of keeping order the night he was killed. On December 3, he gave Fred Hampton drugs so that he couldn’t protect himself.

A Murder Committed Against Fred Hampton

Source – wgntv

On the West Side’s 2337 West Monroe Street, Chicago police conducted a raid the following morning. Using a floor plan obtained by O’Neal through the FBI, they invaded Hampton’s home, where his pregnant fiancée Deborah Johnson and many Black Panthers were sleeping.

Guard Mark Clark was shot in the chest by police who broke into the home. The lone shot fired by the Black Panthers during this raid was fired by him during his posthumous death spasm or fall. Police officers were highly equipped, including with submachine guns, and they fired at least 90 bullets throughout the home despite pleas for them to stop.

Fortunately, following the attack, Fred Hampton and Deborah Johnson only sustained minor injuries. Johnson was defending Hampton with her pregnant body when the police entered the bedroom and pulled her into another room.

She heard her fiance being killed by the police. Attorney Jeffrey Haas claims that Johnson overheard a police officer ask, “Is he [Fred Hampton] still alive?” The second cop retorted, “He’s good and dead now,” following two rounds being fired inside the room. Hampton remained in bed the entire time after being “shot at close range, with two bullets to the skull.”

State’s Attorney Edward Hanrahan and the police claimed that there had been a “shoot-out” and that Fred Hampton had fired at them, causing the police to shoot and kill him.

False. By exposing the chambers to the public and allowing journalists to see them, the Black Panthers subverted this narrative by highlighting the violence perpetrated against them. An uproar was caused when The Chicago Tribune revealed that the alleged bullet holes from Black Panther bullets were really caused by nails used to fasten objects to the door.

This was significant and showed the innocence of many Panthers. The Black Panthers received support from the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Defender, two African American newspapers.

This plot was exposed in court after years of work.

The Black Panther Party and other movements were to be put down, therefore the FBI and Chicago police collaborated to have Hampton put to death. They also exchanged memos with information, orders, and directions to that effect. These records significantly exposed O’Neal’s part in the scheme.

Hampton was killed by the government because they feared he would aid the Black Panthers in achieving their political objectives. Hampton has a magnetic personality and an ability to unite people. Feared by the government was a “African-American messiah who they [the government] imagined would lead an African-American revolt.”

Black Panther Group leaders were being killed across the country by local police and the FBI to bring the group to an end. Most notably, this targeting was present in the murder of Fred Hampton.

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