Who Will Die In Stranger Things Season 5: Will Eleven Die In A Fight With Vecna In Stranger Things 5?

Season 5 of the Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things is expected to sign up the show’s body count, which has been rather low thus far. Overall, the tone of Stranger Things is becoming more sinister as time goes on. Let’s dig deep into Who Will Die In Stranger Things Season 5.

Season 3 of Stranger Things was more brutal in its character deaths than previous seasons, but it also introduced a more lighthearted, comedic tone.

Season 4 of Stranger Things, on the other hand, was unquestionably the show’s worst outing to date, from Vecna’s sick plot to defeat Eleven to the heartbreaking sacrifices of the season finale. The fourth season of Stranger Things, despite this, did not kill off any important characters.

Fans were left reeling by Eddie Munson’s untimely demise, but fans didn’t even meet Joseph Quinn’s scene-stealing supporting actor until season 4.

While the darker tone of Season 4 of Stranger Things may have made the stakes feel higher, the program ultimately spared its large and diverse primary cast from elimination.

Season 4 of Stranger Things re-established the significance of death, but the series’ fifth and final season will have to wrap things up for good. In order to convince viewers that the lives of the key characters are in jeopardy towards the conclusion of Eleven and Vecna’s battle, it will be necessary to take the lives of many supporting characters.

Season 5 of Stranger Things, the final season of the program, has the responsibility of demonstrating that anyone can die without depressing the audience beyond their ability to continue watching. For this reason, it’s difficult to speculate on which characters may meet their end. Let’s dig deep into Who Will Die In Stranger Things Season 5.

Who Will Die In Stranger Things Season 5?

1. Steve

The Duffer Brothers saved Steve from death in Stranger Things’ first season, and he became everyone’s favorite character and babysitter in the following seasons.

Steve, the fan favorite, was nearly killed in season 4! Steve’s death might be one of the most heroic and greatest character deaths in television history, and the fan base would be in hysterics.

2. Will

Vecna may still control Will and possess him again, making his fight with Eleven harder. Will’s return to Hawkins has shown that he’s still connected to the Upside Down.

Will would die to destroy Vecna, even though it would be a horrible ending for a character who has been through so much.

3. Eleven

Eleven, Stranger Things’ main character, should be safe from death. However, to defy expectations, saving her loved ones and Hawkins may need her life.

Who Will Die In Stranger Things Season 5Source: Radio Times

In order to save everyone, Eleven may have to go beyond her limitations to combat Vecna and lock the Upside Down gates.

4. Hop

Between being tortured, beaten, shot at, almost vaporized, and facing a Demogorgon, Hopper has been close to death several times.

As the series’ father figure and one of the few competent adults, Hopper is continually thrust into danger and isn’t afraid to risk his life to save those he loves.

In season 5, Eleven, Joyce, and the kids will be in mortal peril, and Hopper will kill himself to save them.

5. Jonathan

Jonathan fought for screen time in Stranger Things’ fourth season, but one of the most touching moments was when he promised his younger brother, Will, that he would always be there for him. His relationship with Nancy may be over, but they can’t recognize it and go on.

Apart from Steve, we think he’s the most expendable young adult.

6. Murray

Murray has been one of the best cast members since season 2. Murray, one of the series’ most helpful and resourceful characters, is also bold and willing to risk his life to help Joyce and Hopper. In season 5, it will be exciting to see Murray interact with more of the ensemble, and if any ties are developed, Murray is ripe for death.

7. Mike

The party’s morale would be boosted by Mike’s death, which could push Eleven over the brink to defeat Vecna.

8. Lucas

Lucas deserves vengeance for Vecna’s treatment of Max. Lucas defends his loved ones even though he’s not a hothead. His affection for Max puts him in danger, even if Vecna won’t attack him. Lucas may face Vecna’s wrath to protect Max, his sister, or his friends.

9. Joyce

Joyce is a prime candidate for death if the Duffer Brothers are willing to defy expectations.

Joyce, like most of the series’ adults, would risk death to save others, notably her sons Jonathan and Will.

10. Robin

Robin is on this list due to the Duffer Brothers’ unwillingness to kill off first-season characters. Even though she’s a popular favorite, season 5 is the final season, thus no character is safe.

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