Why Amazon And Microsoft Are Funding Moxion’s Battery-powered Generator Startup

Why Amazon And Microsoft Are Funding Moxion’s Battery-powered Generator Startup: There is no place where diesel generators are more common than on building sites and movie sets. However, they are polluting because they burn gasoline like any other internal combustion engine.

Moxion Power, a startup based in California, is dedicated solely to this emerging market, while major legacy companies like Generac and Caterpillar are adding small battery-powered units to their larger diesel generator lines. It’s developing a portable, high-capacity energy storage system that can be put to use in almost any place.

“Our company develops, engineers, and manufactures all of its essential technology. This means that we will not be purchasing a battery module from a third party. To produce battery modules in-house “Moxion’s CEO, Paul Huelskamp, claimed as much.

Diesel generators, argues Huelskamp, are notoriously difficult to maintain, expensive, and inefficient fuel consumers.

As a result, “that’s highly wasteful and horrible for the environment,” he continued.

Customers have the option to purchase or lease the units in the Moxion business model. Moxion employs technology that notifies them when batteries are running low, allowing them to replace them immediately. They insist that they have a perfect understanding of the charge’s current status.

The generators are reasonably priced, and some businesses may find they save money in the long run because they require less maintenance than diesel units, according to Huelskamp.

Amazon has invested in Moxion and is currently leasing devices for use in the production of a film and a television series. The production’s cameras, campers, lights, and mobile beauty salons will all run on the electricity provided by the generators.

Amazon Climate Pledge Fund principal Nick Ellis praised the Moxion unit’s low noise and absence of emissions.

The fuel used to power generators and transportation accounts for around half of a movie’s total carbon footprint.

“It can be brought indoors for unique shots indoors that before we couldn’t achieve,” said Ellis. “They really allow our crew to conceive of new ways of filming productions than they used to.”

“Because these machines can be hooked up so near to the set, much of the wiring that can be a trip and safety hazard for production crews can be eliminated. These units have appeared out of nowhere, running silently, producing no waste, and taking up almost any room at all on the set.”

Moxion has received funding from the likes of the Amazon Climate Pledge fund, Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, Enterprise Holdings, Energy Impact Partners, Tamarack Global, and Sunbelt Rentals. Up to this point, we’ve raised a total of $110 million.

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