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Why Did the Wisconsin Football Team Place Such a High Value on Squat Fest?

Why Did the Wisconsin Football Team Place Such a High Value on Squat Fest

Will Pauling, a junior receiver, was participating in Brady Collins’ summer conditioning routine for the third time. A redshirt sophomore receiver from Chicago noted, “That is one thing about Coach Brady and Coach Fick, they like to keep you on your toes.”

Phase 1 of the Wisconsin football team’s summer conditioning program concluded on Friday. Around the time of the Fourth of July holiday in the summer, the squad takes a week off. The players will be able to rest and rejuvenate before the offseason’s last push. Collins remarked that the regular session with a max squat had “a little flavor on it” and that it was the last workout before everyone left.

Squat Fest 2023 is what you got. “It’s always been my little baby,” Collins said. “It started with a simple, ‘Hey this is your squat-max day and we’re going to do a couple of other things’ and it just grew and grew and grew. And I definitely knew when we came here, I was like I’m going to do it here.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

In Cincinnati, Collins initiated Squat Fest. Last Friday morning, UW held its debut event in the weight room of Camp Randall Stadium, complete with a DJ spinning hip hop and flashing red and white lights all over the place. Among the previous players there were Badgers great Joe Thomas, former outstanding lineman Kalvin Barrett, the Dane County Sheriff, and former fullback and current podcaster Matt Bernstein.

Bucky himself was present. Despite the workout’s improved features, it still served as an opportunity to reinforce the values of high-tempo, competition, and camaraderie that have driven the Badgers this offseason.

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“It definitely pushed the energy because that is probably as close as you’re going to get to a game environment,” Pauling said. “That is what you’re going to experience in a game experience. All the lights. The crowd screaming. Everyone making noise, getting into your head.”

“But you’ve got those guys behind you. That is how it’s going to be in a game. I have all my guys behind me. I know they’ve got my back and they know I’ve got theirs.”

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