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Why Did Valerie Divorce Tom? What Was The Exact Reason Behind Valerie and Tom’s Divorce?

Why Did Valerie Divorce Tom

Why Did Valerie Divorce Tom

Valerie Bertinelli is an American actress and producer who is best known for her parts on ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘One Day at a Time.’ Tom Vitale, a financial manager, was her husband of almost 11 years. The couple got married in 2011, but things seem to have gone wrong in their relationship because they just got a divorce.

In a video posted to Twitter on November 22, the host of “Valerie’s Cooking Show” said that she and Tom’s split is now final. The couple filed for divorce in 2021, and as of November 2022, they have finally come to an agreement. Let’s find out Why Did Valerie Divorce Tom.

Why Did Valerie Divorce Tom?

Bertinelli and Vitale were married for 10 years before Bertinelli filed for a divorce, claiming “irreconcilable differences.” The court papers also said that the pair would stick to the agreement they made before they got married.

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What Kind of Agreements Were Made in the Divorce Settlement?

According to an article in US Weekly, Valerie Bertinelli, a food network star, has to pay her ex-husband Tom Vitale a payment of $2.2 million. According to the contract, Vitale has to leave Bertinelli’s home in California by December 31 of this year in order to get the money.

The tweet below verifies the news:

But if Bertinelli doesn’t pay the money by the end of this year, Vitale can keep living in the house without paying rent. The deal also says that if Vitale wants to live in their L.A. home, he has to pay the ‘Sydney’ alum $50,000 in rent.

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