Will Windows 11 Snipping Tool Finally Support Screen Recording?

Microsoft is attempting to make the Snipping Tool in Windows 11 support screen recording. The feature is currently being tested by a few Insiders in the Dev Channel. Microsoft revealed the option and demonstrated how it functions in a blog post.

When users launch the Snipping Tool, a record button will be shown for those who have the choice to test out the new feature. Then they can choose which area of their screen to record. The app will enable users to preview a recording once it is finished before saving it.

Windows 11’s Snipping Tool is a well-liked tool, and for numerous Windows generations, users have clamoured for integrated screen recording. Microsoft is now testing the frequently wished-for functionality.

There are currently some flaws and problems because Insiders are testing this feature. “We are aware of a few problems that could affect how you use this preview. When you click “Start,” some users could experience a brief delay before the recording starts, “Microsoft says.

The Snipping Tool app window does not restore when starting a new snip from within the program, which is another documented bug.

You must be using the Snipping Tool’s version 11.2211.35.0 or later in order to try out screen recording. Even if you’re using the most recent Dev Channel release, you might not immediately see an update for the app because Microsoft is rolling out the option gradually.

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