Winter Storms Will Make Travel In Northern California Dangerous Before The New Year

This week, two winter storms are expected to reach California, preventing vacationers from having a relaxing trip the rest of the year.

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect for the majority of the valley from Monday through 11 a.m. throughout the busy holiday week. There will be occasions when visibility is less than a quarter mile.

By the evening, the first of several storms begin to hit the state, bringing with it a lot of rain and severe winds. Throughout the week, significant disruptions in travel are anticipated, including the possibility of flooding. This extended stretch of storms will mark a significant change from the current dry and hazy conditions.

Monday begins with fog, and by nightfall, it will start to rain. Around 7,500–8,500 feet will initially have heavy snow levels. Rain will be falling and some snow will be melting above the passes.

Tuesday is forecast to see both strong winds and heavy rain. It will be possible for minor creeks and streams to rise, and roads may pond. With the passage of the cold front, strong winds begin to emerge. In the afternoon, sporadic thunderstorms are probable.

Overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday, snow levels drop to roughly 4,500–5,500 feet. Although there will be less rain, the snow will make climbing mountains with chain controls challenging.

By Wednesday into Thursday, river levels should begin to see the delayed effects of the Sierra runoff. The locations to observe seem to be the Cosumnes River at Michigan Bar and the Sacramento River at Tisdale Weir in the middle of the week.

The amount of heavy rain on Tuesday will have an impact on streams and creeks as well. By Wednesday, 1-3″ of rain may fall in the valley.

By Wednesday, the Sierra will have less snow cover, which will make snowfall slow. 8 to 30 inches might fall on the Sierra by Wednesday.

The second storm hits late on Wednesday through Friday. This will result in periods of heavy rain and gusty weather and a minor increase in snow levels to close to 6,000 feet. Tuesday’s winds are not anticipated to be as fierce.

The totals of rain and snow for this second storm appear to be slightly lower. Travel will be challenging throughout the week with this lineup, to put it simply.

As of this now, it appears that the busy weather will subside from Saturday evening through Sunday to ring in 2023.

By Monday, storms are expected to return to the forecast, and they appear likely for the first week of the new year.

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