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A Wisconsin Deputy, Age 29, Was Sh*t While Assisting a Dui Suspect Who Had Cr@shed His Car

Wisconsin Deputy, 29, Shot While Tending to DUI Suspect

Wisconsin Deputy, 29, Shot While Tending to DUI Suspect

Saturday night, a deputy in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, was sh*t and d!ed after responding to a call about a probably intoxicated driver who had cr@shed into a ditch. The Wisconsin Department of Justice reports that around 6:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Deputy Kaitie Leising, 29 met the driver, Jeremiah D. Johnson, 34, at the site of an automobile cr@sh in Glenwood, Wisconsin. Before Leising arrived, however, another car had stopped to help Johnson. Johnson got evasive when the deputy wanted him to do field sobriety tests before he could return to his car.

According to the DOJ’s press release, Johnson waited almost eight minutes before turning toward Leising, pulling out a revolver, and shooting her. Leising’s body camera caught the exchange of gunfire and showed the officer returning fire with three shots but missing Johnson before the latter ran off into the woods.

Wisconsin Deputy, 29, Shot While Tending to DUI Suspect

After stopping to help Johnson, the individuals in the car attempted CPR on Leising, but after being rushed to the hospital, Leising ultimately succumbed to her injuries. Nearly an hour after Leising was slain, an officer discovered Johnson in the woods nearby, heard a sh*t, and observed him fall to the ground.

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A firearm was located near Johnson’s body, and police were able to recover it. According to the DOJ, no sh*ts were fired by police while searching for Johnson. The investigation is being led by the Cr!minal Justice Division of the Wisconsin Department of Justice with support from the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Wisconsin State Cr!me Lab.

The de@th of the 29-year-old deputy was reported on Sunday by St. Croix County Sheriff Scott Knudson. According to the sheriff, Leising has been working for the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office since 2022 and previously spent around two years working for the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota.

Below is a tweet on the fatal shooting of a Wisconsin deputy on Saturday night:

“Our love and condolences go out to the family of Kaitie Leising and all those with whom she served,” Sheriff Knudson said. “We, as a law enforcement family, will do everything possible to continue to provide support and comfort to her family. We will miss her infectious smile and personality. She will be missed by all she touched.”

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